Runner! Heart Attack Signs You Should Not Ignore As A Runner(2023)

Signs of heart attack

Any chest pain, undue shortness of breath and profuse sweating which is disproportionate to regular exercise, can be symptoms of the first heart attack, warns Dr Ghose. Other symptoms include:

• Palpitation
• Giddiness
• Light headed feeling
• Discomfort in muscles felt at the centre part of the chest, it can be left or right arm pain along with sweating.

Runners vs women who lead a sedentary lifestyle

It is believed that women who lead a sedentary lifestyle are able to notice the signs of heart attack better as compared to women who go for running. Let’s find out if it’s a fact or not. Some common symptoms of heart attack in women are

• Fatigue
• Shortness of breath
• Jaw, neck or upper back pain
• Pressure in lower chest

These are easily misunderstood as after-effects of exercises. When the same symptoms are felt by a women with sedentary lifestyle, they are likely pay more attention. A fit woman with regular exercise regime will think that the pain is because she may have lifted weight in the wrong way or she was hard on her body.

Sweating and shortness of breath are some of the symptoms of heart attack. 

Exercise itself causes palpitation, sweating and shortness of breath initially in most people, including trained women. However, when these symptoms are more or disproportionate or occur at a lower level of exercise, they should alarm you. So, pay attention to these symptoms, says Dr Ghose.

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