7 Self Sabotaging Behavior Sigma Males Always Avoid

The sigma males have a high level of self-awareness. They pay attention to little things happening within them – from their thoughts to their emotional response and how they handle challenging situations.


Because sigma males pay attention to their innermost thoughts, it’s easy for them to progress through the success ladder.


Today’s article will discuss the 7 self-sabotaging behavior the sigma males always avoid.


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Many a time, people unconsciously stop themselves from achieving their goals. Funny enough, people engage in these self-sabotaging behavior without even realizing it.


What exactly is Self-Sabotaging?


Self-Sabotaging behavior is any behavior people engage in that prevents them from achieving their goals.


Most times, people self-sabotage themselves because of the fear of failure, change, and the fear of leaving their comfort zone.


Sigma males understand the danger of self-sabotaging behavior and always avoid them by all means.


Here are 7 self-sabotaging behavior sigma males always avoid;


#1. Procrastination.


Procrastination is one of the self-sabotaging behaviors the sigma males always avoid. Once a sigma male sets a goal, he puts in consistent effort to achieve it.


He tries as much as possible to kill procrastination before it happens. Regardless of the challenges the sigma males experience, they don’t deviate from their goals.


The sigma males understand that they can’t achieve their goals if they don’t take any action.


So, once they set a goal, they start taking action immediately until they achieve that goal.


#2. Negative Self-Talk.


Negative self-talk is one of the most dangerous self-sabotaging behavior.


It refers to any inner dialogue people have within themselves that may limit their ability to believe in themselves, their ability, and reach their potential.


Sigma males understand the danger of negative self-talk.


That is why they avoid any thought that diminishes their ability to make positive changes or that could affect their confidence in themselves.


So, the sigma males always remind themselves that no goal is too big to achieve.


It doesn’t matter how many times the sigma male fails. It doesn’t matter how many times they encounter obstacles; they never resort to negative self-talk.


Once a sigma male sets his goals, he tries as much as possible to avoid any inner dialogue that could possibly prevent them from achieving these goals.


The lone wolves believe that whatever is happening in your life reflects your thoughts. 


Once you believe that you can’t do something, your mind will be wired in that direction.


And this will diminish your interest in that thing, and you will not be able to do it.


#3. Staying in the Comfort Zone


Staying in the comfort zone is one of the dangerous self-sabotaging behavior the sigma males always avoid.


The lone wolves know that the comfort zone is a psychological state where people feel familiar, safe, at ease, and secure.


When in this zone, most people don’t want to take action that will change their lives. And that explains why most people are so afraid of change.


But the truth is, you can never change your life until you step out of your comfort zone. The sigma males believe that change begins at the end of the comfort zone.


People only start living the life of their dreams when they step outside their comfort zone.


#4. Not Taking Care of Their Physical Health


Ordinarily, the sigma males work hard and are intelligent. But they take their physical health very seriously. 


They always refuel their body, get enough sleep, engage in physical activities, and pay close attention to their physical needs.


The fact that sigma males pay close attention to their physical health makes them always be mentally, emotionally, and physically balanced.


One thing is for sure – you can’t perform at a high level if you aren’t paying attention to your physical health.


And once you can’t be at your best, you are less likely to reach your goals.


#5. Not Paying Attention to Mental Health


Sigma males don’t play with their mental health. It doesn’t matter how busy they get; they take care of their mental health.


Your mental health includes your emotional, psychological, and social well-being. It affects how you think, feel, and act.


When a person is mentally healthy, they can easily handle stress, relate with other people, and make good choices.


Because the sigma males understand that mental health is important in every stage of our lives – from childhood and adolescence through adulthood, they pay close attention to it.


If your mental well-being is not good, you can’t focus and reach your goals.


#6. Blaming Others When Things Go Wrong


Sigma males always take responsibility. Regardless of what happened, they don’t blame people.


They know that bad things can just happen without anyone being at fault.


Of course, some misfortunes can be other people’s fault, but that is not always the case.


Instead of blaming others when things go wrong, the sigma males take a closer look at the part they played in whatever happened.


That way, they easily identify the problem and take the necessary corrective measures.


#7. Dating People Who Aren’t Right For Them


Relationships are another area where self-sabotaging behaviors appear. But sigma males will always avoid dating people who aren’t right for them.


It doesn’t matter how good-looking a woman seems; once she doesn’t check all their boxes, the sigma males won’t want to date her.


That explains why the sigma males won’t try to make things work with a partner who has different goals about the future or stay in a relationship that’s going nowhere.


For instance, if a sigma male wants kids, he won’t date a partner who doesn’t want kids and vice versa.


Do you have any of these self-sabotaging attitudes?


Kindly share your thoughts in the comment below.


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