101 Words of Affirmation to Spice Up Your Relationship

The world of women or ladies deserves to be loved, pampered, and cared for by their men. Most often, it’s not always by buying them gifts or going out for dates, but ladies want to hear sweet words of affirmation and encouragement from their respective hubbies/brothers/friends.

How many guys say these words? If you have not been saying these words, then your woman is hungry to hear those sweet and affirmative words coming out of your lips.

Recognizing a lady’s efforts is so important to make her grow, and we guys are the greatest source of strength for all the ladies out there. Praising your lady or woman with encouraging, complementing, beautiful, truthful, and loving words will add a boost of power to your relationship.

On this note, Let’s drown out those voices with the applause of affirmation – words of beauty, truth, and love that every wife wants to hear, but also needs to hear often.

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101 Amazing Words of Affirmation to Spice Up Your Marriage

words of affirmation

You are Beautiful (complimenting a lady about her appearance, is one of the favorite words she’d want to hear).

You never cease to amaze me.

I’ll never stop loving you.

I’m so lucky to have you as mine.

You make everything wonderful.

I love to be around you

At all times, I impressed by your ability to do things at ease.

I am so proud of you baby

I thought about you today when I was at work.

Thank you for this meal, it’s so delicious.

You are doing a fantastic job

I love it when you smile

How are you so creative?

I love to get ideas from you

The fact that you are so unique makes me love you more everyday

I would love to help you out

Beautiful Words to Make Your Lady Smile

You’re the kindest person I ever know

You look gorgeous on that dress

I never dreamt of having a beautiful home like this. But you make it happen.

You’re my pride

I wouldn’t have been the man I am today if not for your love and support.

I like to hear your voice when I’m really stressed out at my workplace. It relieves me of all the worries.

You are so much fun to be with and I enjoy each and every moment of my life with you.

You always have a solution to my problems. You’re such a problem solver.

Your eyes are the world I live in.

You’re such an amazing woman and you’ll always be.

You’re such a strong lady, and I admire your inner strength

Your eyes are so innocent so as your character

You’re the best mother in the world

I really don’t know what I’ll do without you in my life

Thank you for always respecting me all the time

You’re the most person I trust

There’s nothing I can’t do for you baby

God brought you to me just to make me a happy man

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Words of Affirmation For Your Loved Ones

Even if they point a gun to my head, I’ll never deny you.

If you’re with me, I can always face my fears

You are fantastic sister

You are an unselfish person

Your Godliness is something that wow me.

You are such a good person

I love your new hairstyle

You did a great job

Thank you for loving me

Thank you for taking good care of me

The thought of having you in my life always makes me happy.

There’s no one else I’d rather be with right now

I not only like you, but I also love you

I love spending time with you

You are a dream come true

I am so grateful for you

I am so happy for you

Your smile is one of the things I love most about you. Please keep smiling

Thank you for making me a better person

You are a woman of God’s heart

Thank you for helping me through a tough time.

You made me smile today. Thank you.

You always have the right words to say

I am honored to walk beside you

With you, I am the happiest man on earth

Words to Soothe Your Partner’s Heart After a Fight

I love your courage

You are a beautiful person, inside and out.

You’ve got what it takes to make things happen.

I love the way you impress me, you really do!

You are a woman of integrity.

I admire you a lot

You’re no pushover. I love your spine of steel.

You are a considerate person, of me, and of everyone else.

You’re one in a million . . .

I’m a rich man because you are my lady.

I’d be happy with you anywhere!

You make it all worthwhile. I wouldn’t want it any other way.

I’ll love you forever.

I want to grow old with you

You are a unique person

You are God’s perfect choice

Your heart is safe with me

I know my heart is safe with you

You bring me joy – always

Whenever I see you,  you always take my breath away

You are such a loyal person

It’s you I only have eyes for

I don’t need anything else – just you

I have faith in you – always

Like I always tell you, I don’t deserve you… But, I’m glad you are mine

You’re an awesome lady

Beautiful Words to Grease Your Relationship

I solely rely on your intuition

You are so thoughtful

You are a good role model

I love the fact that you are a cheerful giver

You are perfect to me – no flaws

Your secrets are safe with me

I believe my secrets are safe with you

Your happiness is my happiness

I wish you could see yourself through my eyes

I am so addicted to you

You are so precious to me

I have never met such a wonderful lady like you before

You understand me in a way no one else does

You are positive-minded

I need you in my life

I learn something new from you every day.

Pick from any of these words of affirmation because every lady wants to hear you say them. It might be to your wife, your daughter, your sisters, or even your mother. They are all ladies.

Every word included here are words of affirmation that pronounces the love and affection you have for every lady, especially your woman. So, add these words of affirmation to your voice as you live and interact with them. They love to hear it.

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