How Sigma Males Use People’s Handwriting to Predict Their Personality

Because the sigma males are highly intuitive, they pay attention to little things that every other person misses.


The lone wolves understand the uniqueness of humanity. They know that every human being is different. 


So, they use little things like handwriting to predict people’s personality and mindset. 


Today’s article will discuss how sigma males use people’s handwriting to predict their personality.



Just like fingerprints, no two persons have the same handwriting. The sigma males can tell a lot about a person’s personality and mindset from the way they loop, cross, and dot their letters.


Even though handwriting analysis isn’t foolproof, it still gives the sigma males some insight into someone’s personality.


Here are 5 ways sigma males use people’s handwriting to predict their personality.


#1. The Size of a Person’s Handwriting


From the size of a person’s handwriting, the sigma males can say a lot about their self-esteem and self-awareness.


It’s one of the most reliable ways sigma males use to predict someone’s personality and behavior.


For instance, the sigma males know that people with large handwriting are outgoing, people-oriented, and always want to feel understood and noticed.


Similarly, people with small handwriting are shy, detailed-oriented, and highly meticulous.


And people with averagely sized handwriting are well adjusted and adaptable.


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#2. Spacing Between Words


The sigma males can use how people space their words to determine how close or far they are towards other people.


For instance, people who like leaving wide spaces between words enjoy spending time alone. And they don’t like when people overwhelm them.


Similarly, people who leave narrow spaces between words don’t like being alone.


#3. Slanting of Words  


The lone wolves can tell more about your personal qualities from the way you slant your handwriting.


For instance, sigma males know that people who slant their letters to the right when writing tends to be very sentimental, open to new experiences, and value family and friends.


However, people who slant their letters to the left are very introspective, reserved, and enjoy working behind the scene.


And people who write without slanting letters tend to be logical, practical, and pragmatic.


#4. How You Dot Your I’s


Sigma males can say a lot about people by the way they dot their I’s. For instance, the sigma males believe that people who add their do way above the I’s have a great imagination.


Similarly, people who add their dot right over the I’s are detail oriented, organized, and of course, empathetic.


People who use a slash above their I’s instead of a dot are overly self-critical and have little or no patience for inadequacy.


And people who add circles to their I’s instead of dot tend to possess a childlike curiosity.


#5. The Way You Cross Your T’s


The sigma males can use the way you cross your T’s to analyze your ability and persistence to achieve your goals.


For instance, crossing at the top of the T when writing indicates that you are ambitious, have a good self-esteem, and always set big goals.


But people that cross their T’s in the middle tend to be very confident and feel comfortable with their skill level.


Similarly, people who draw long crosses tend to be determined and enthusiastic; sometimes show a bit of stubbornness.


And people who strike short crosses at their T tend to lack the determination to complete serious tasks.


What do you find out about your handwriting? Kindly share your thoughts in the comment below.



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