5 Ways Silence Makes the Sigma Males More Powerful

Sigma males understand the power of silence. That explains why they can be in an environment for a long time without saying a word.


They may not be happy with what is going on around them, but the lone wolves don’t react to issues immediately.


They try as much as possible to analyze every aspect of the situation before saying anything.


If you have read Robert Greene’s 48 laws of power, you will understand why the sigma males always say less than necessary.


Today’s article will discuss the 5 ways silence makes the sigma males more powerful.


One thing is certain – the lone wolves know when to be silent and when not to be.

But they don’t react to issues emotionally. And that is why they are highly respected.


#1. Silence Makes the Sigma Males Appear More Powerful.  


The sigma males unconsciously impress and intimidate people by saying less.


Since the lone wolves understand the human mindset, they know that the more they talk, the more they will look like a fool.


It’s almost impossible to see the sigma males talking about their achievements or how great they are.


And once a sigma male sees someone who blows their own trumpet, he knows that the person is either a narcissist or is full of crap.


Some of the greatest sigma males in history are known for talking less. Their silence has always been the foundation of their power.


Even if the sigma male is not the leader of a team, his silence makes him appear more powerful. And sometimes, even more influential than the leader himself.

Because the sigma males don’t talk too much, whatever they say carries more weight.


Of course, the sigma males are mysterious and elusive; and that is because they always say less than necessary.


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#2.  Silence Helps Sigma Males Read People.


Silence helps the sigma males to always listen and observe other people. It makes it easier for the lone wolves to spot liars and see through people’s true intentions.


When the sigma male is silent, he can read people’s body language and carefully observe if their body language corresponds with whatever they are saying.


The sigma males’ ability to read people is learnt through silence.


#3. You Can’t Take the Wrong Words Back.


Whatever the sigma males say, they think it through very well, before letting it out.


The lone wolves are very careful of what they say to avoid saying things they will regret later.


Silence helps the sigma males to develop a high level of self-control.


Regardless of what is happening around the sigma males, they have a way of controlling themselves and they hardly lash out on others.


Even though you slap the sigma male in the public, he may not react immediately. And that is because he knows that reacting immediately isn’t worth it.


The lone wolves understand one fact – serving your ego immediately only takes you further away from the things you want in life.


Irrespective of what is happening, the sigma males will always hold their tongue, calm down, and silently hold their ground.


Instead of venting out their emotions, the sigma males always have a strategic response.


#4. Silence Makes the Sigma Males Good Listeners


Have you ever wondered why people love talking to the sigma males?


It’s simple, they are good listeners. Whenever you listen to people, they will enjoy talking to you.


The sigma males understand that people want to be heard and understood. And being silent and listening makes other people feel good during a conversation.


That is why the sigma males appear more charismatic whenever they are in a group.


#5. Sigma Males Use Silent as a Great Negotiation Tool


During a negotiation, the sigma males use silence to influence the other party.


Once a sigma male is silent during the negotiation, he tends to have the upper hand once they speak.


Silence during a negotiation gives the other party the impression that they need the sigma male more than he needs them.


Do you know how to influence people through silence? Kindly share your thoughts in the comment below.




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