How Much Is Too Much For An Engagement Ring

How Much Is Too Much to Spend on an Engagement Ring?

While there is truly no set price cap when it comes to buying an engagement ring, spending beyond your means and going into debt is something that should be avoided. Remember: Weddings can oftentimes be expensive, and you’ll want to save a bit of money for other moments during your journey to the aisle.

For those on the receiving end of the proposal and afraid that their partner will go overboard, it’s important to be direct about pricing so that your significant other knows where you stand. You can even make up a story and slip your opinion into a casual conversation, like: “You know, Jen was just telling me the other day that she really wishes her husband had spent less on the engagement ring, so they could have had a bigger wedding budget to play with. I think some people are going a little crazy these days. Honestly, I don’t think anyone should spend more than $ [10,000], don’t you?”

At the end of the day, some people really just want to go above and beyond and splurge on an engagement ring, which is totally fine (and really sweet) as long as they have the means to do so.

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