Common Mistakes In Fitness Routine(2023)

1. Manisha, 33, make-up artist

“I exercise on an empty stomach as it might help me lose more weight.”

This is the worst thing one can do to their body. Ruchika Rai, a renowned fitness expert suggests that you must eat an apple, or 8-10 almonds at least 30 minutes before your workout session. This will give you the energy, and you won’t lose muscle mass as well.

2. Manika, 31, business analyst

“I start my exercise routine with full-blown cardio.”

Warm ups are a must, if you want to avoid any kind of injury. Your muscles need to be agile and flexible. To reduce the stiffness in your body, it is important to first warm up with some stretches, and then move to full- blown cardio. Plus, if you want to enhance your muscle strength, then you should do cardio after your muscle training.

Do your cardio moves correctly to lose more weight.
3. Roohi, 30, homemaker

“I love my morning exercise session and to energise myself I drink a coffee shot.”

Drinking coffee on an empty stomach can mess up with your gut big time. It can lead to acidity and dehydration.

4. Rosedeep, 25, air hostess

“I wrap my gym session with cardio.”

Although, it is not a bad thing, one must indulge in some post-workout stretches, and only then will you be done with your session. Post-workout stretches release the stiffness in your body, and the problem of sore muscles can also be tackled easily.

5. Kanika, 28, student

“I’ve been sticking to the same routine for almost a year now.”

Listen up ladies, if you are not changing your routine after every three to four months, then you will never achieve the results that you are looking for. Reason being, your body becomes used to the routine that you are following and that’s why you have to keep shuffling for better results.

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