5 Ways To Cope With Your Feeling Of Stress Due To Infertility In 2023

Here are 5 ways to cope with your feeling of stress due to infertility:

1. Acknowledge your feelings

This is one technique which is the best and most important for everyone experiencing negative feelings. A healing journey always starts with accepting ourselves. When we say accepting, it’s the way we are, be it body type, color, our interest, level of knowledge, socio-economic status or be it our fertility status. It is okay to feel bad or miserable because of infertility and it’s natural to feel that way too. But these feelings should not overpower and start affecting day-to-day life. Accept your feelings and while you do so, you can see an opportunity to cope and look for treatment options.

Do not hide your feelings. 

2. Understand your partner’s feelings as well

Infertility is not a lonely journey; the feelings are not just you’re feeling. Your partner is also going through similar feelings like you. Of Course the feelings cannot be compared, but they can’t be ignored as well. We always think our problems are more stressful than others and this always makes us a person with apathy. How do we deal with it? Talk to your spouse, have a open conversation where you listen to the feelings and stress they are going through, and help them to cope. Understanding and listening to the partner’s feelings automatically helps you to accept each other.

3. Plan it out

As mentioned earlier, infertility is a journey of a couple. To make this journey enjoyable and stress-free, it is important that both couple work together. Spend time seeing a fertility expert, discuss the treatment options together, share responsibilities/burden, and plan it the way you both would like to handle or talk to your family and relatives. Planning things together with consent helps in dealing with self and family. You are a team, and a strong team always will be able to manage difficult situations.

4. Understand your options

We are not experts in deciding what the best treatment for us is. Yes, visiting the fertility expert will give you that clarity and one should definitely plan it. Discussing the options and choosing them based on clinical factors along with the expert helps you to prepare yourself. These discussions and options not just create awareness but also help to start the treatment earlier.

Don’t fret over your fertility, there are many ways to get pregnant. 

5. Speaking to a trusted counselor/therapist

Being infertile and dealing with things associated sometimes can be very much overwhelming. Everyone has their own way of dealing with difficult situations, based on our background and dealing capacity. Consulting a psychologist will help you to talk without any hesitation, it’s a place to share those hidden feelings which are bothering you for long, it helps you to handle things in a better way, and the psychologist also helps you to deal with the negative feelings. A psychologist or a therapist can help you to start loving yourself, accept yourself and thus empower you to deal with society.

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