I’m 24 Years Old And All My Suitors are Way Older Than Me

Dear Love Doctor,


I am a girl of 24 years, and people have been asking for my hand in marriage. Several men have made their interest known but I honestly don’t know why it has to be men that are wayyyyyy older than me by 15 to 20  years.

I don’t understand neither the chemistry nor the math.


Nevertheless, there is this guy I am dating, though he is struggling to stand, he works with EEDC and promised to marry me once I’m out of school or if things fell into the right places for him.


Please, my problem is that there is another man, he is 44 years and that is 20 years above my age. He was once married with 3 kids but the children and the wife reside in London.

According to him, they have been officially divorced for about 10 years of which I saw all documents as confirmation.


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This man in question is seriously in love with me and endlessly talks about marriage.

He seems intentional about it because he keeps saying he wanted to process my papers once we get married because he resides in Germany.


I don’t really know what to do, sir.

I wouldn’t want to make any hasty decision because he is rich or whatever.

I want to know if I feel the same way towards him, enough to commit to marriage.

He said it wouldn’t exceed this year because I’m the one keeping him in the country.


Please, what should I do?

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