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The sigma males have a high level of self-awareness. They understand that every man has a sleeping giant of unimaginable potential.


But most people don’t know how to unlock these potentials because they don’t understand how the subconscious mind works. 


To a sigma male, everybody out there has a hidden ability. And once you can unlock your unique and natural ability, you will have an advantage over most people. 


Interestingly, the sigma males understand how to consciously develop their superpowers within them because of their level of self-awareness. 


And this is why they always seem to be ahead of everybody wherever they are. 


Most sigma males understand how to use their sleeping giant of incredible potential, which helps them develop their own unique superpowers. 


In today’s article, you will learn how sigma males develop their superpowers. 


All the things the sigma males need to unlock their unimaginable potential are stored in their subconscious minds. 


Every skill, experience, memory, and belief they have had are stored in this part of their brain. 


Of course, the lone wolves understand that their conscious mind is nothing but a filter or net that catches all the junk before they find their way to the subconscious mind. 


It’s quite funny that most people don’t know that their subconscious minds control about 99% of everything they do. 


But because the sigma males have a high level of self-awareness, they know the fact and pay attention to their subconscious minds. 


They know that if you aren’t paying attention to your subconscious mind, you may develop the wrong mindset and perspective. 


Once your subconscious mind is programmed along this path, it becomes tough to change. 

And this will eventually affect the way that you see yourself and other people around you. 


Your beliefs are the fabrics of who you are and are directly linked to your subconscious mind. 


Interestingly, because the sigma males understand their subconscious mind and how to program it, they are in control of their minds. 


This will eventually help them to develop superpowers. 


It’s pretty funny that most men in the manosphere don’t even know about the existence of the subconscious mind, let alone how to program and control it. 


Now you understand why some men are sigma males, and others are Beta and Omega. 


The fact that the sigma males understand how the subconscious mind works puts them ahead of every man out there. 


The sigma males know that every emotion they experience is from the subconscious mind. It even controls their breathing and other functions within their body. 


They know that the actions they take every second of every day directly or indirectly program their subconscious mind. 


That explains why the sigma males are always conscious of whatever they do or how they handle situations. 


For instance, whenever you freak out when in a challenging situation, you teach your subconscious mind how to handle difficult situations. 


Every flaw within the sigma male’s personality and every strength they have are learned behavior. 


Their feelings, emotions, and other things happening within them are things they programmed in their subconscious mind. 


But the lone wolves can control their subconscious mind; they can quickly unlearn a behavior or develop a new habit. 


The fact that the sigma males understand how their subconscious mind works make it easy to tap into the unimaginable potentials they have within them. 


It makes it possible for the sigma males to influence other people and make them see things from their perspective. 


It’s quite easy; they bypass these people’s conscious minds and talk directly into their unconscious minds. 


After watching this video, you will understand why sigma males are indeed gods among men. 


The fact that sigma males are masters of persuasion or can easily exert a powerful influence over people is because they understand the law governing the human subconscious mind. 


So, here are the Laws of the subconscious mind and the sigma males use to develop real-life superpowers. 



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#1. The Subconscious Mind Can’t Differentiate What is Real From What is Fake


It’s quite funny that the subconscious mind can’t differentiate between what is real and what is fake most time. 


Whatever you feed your subconscious mind is what it will program. It’s like a computer program – what you give is what you get. 


Have you ever imagined how your brain reacts whenever you think of something scary? 


It doesn’t matter whether what you think is true, but your subconscious mind will automatically program your brain along with those thoughts. 


The sigma males understand this law, so they are cautious of what goes through their conscious minds. 


Whatever you feed your conscious mind is what your subconscious mind programs to form your habits and behavior. 


Even when the sigma male has some careless thoughts in their conscious mind, they filter those thoughts and reformat their mind into something more positive when they are alone. 


That explains why the sigma males always have a positive mindset in every situation. It doesn’t matter what happened or the challenges at hand; he’s more concerned about finding a solution than freaking out. 


#2. Beliefs 


Generally, our lives revolve around our beliefs. Sadly, most people fail to recognize this fact. 


However, because the sigma males are self-aware, they understand the importance of beliefs in their lives. 


They know that the action they take consciously revolves around their beliefs. 


People with low self-esteem believe that they are not enough and every other person is better than them. 


And once your subconscious mind assimilates these beliefs, it becomes your default personality. 


The longer you hold on to a particular belief, the more difficult it is to change it. 


The sigma males know that most of our beliefs were formed from childhood. These beliefs grow stronger over time when left changed. 


And these kids will grow up to either become Beta, Omega, or Alpha males. 


Every sigma male knows that beliefs are like seeds planted in the subconscious mind. The longer you let them sit, the longer they have to grow roots and spread. 


Don’t get this wrong; it’s important to have beliefs. But try always to replace negative thoughts with positive ones. 


It differentiates the sigma males from every other man in the manosphere. 


#3. Every Thought Causes a Physical Reactions


The sigma males understand the power of thoughts. They know that these thoughts have physical reactions. 


That explains why the lone wolves enjoy spending time alone and reflecting on the world around them. 


This is how they recharge their creative energy, reprogram their subconscious mind, and develop a renewed positive perspective about life. 


#4. You Get What You Expect 


The law of expectations is one of the laws that help the sigma males develop superpowers. The law of expectation states that whatever you expect from life is what you get. 


If you expect to be successful, confident, and outstanding, that is what you will get. 


And similarly, if you expect to be a failure, that is what you get. 


The sigma males understand this law; they always expect a positive outcome from every challenging situation. 


It doesn’t matter how complicated the situation seems; the sigma males never stop seeing the bright side of things. 

They believe that there will always be light at the end of the tunnel. 


Whatever your expectations are, your subconscious mind will trigger the unimaginable superpower within you to make your expectations a reality. 


These four laws of the subconscious mind help the sigma males to unlock the unimaginable potential within them. 


Do you think you have a superpower? Kindly share your thoughts in the comment section. 

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