Help!!! My Husband and My Dad Are Sworn Enemies

Good day Naijalovetips,

Please post for me and hide my identity.

I got married to my husband in 2014, and we already have 3 kids. But my dad and my husband are not on good terms.

It all started when I was dating my husband. My dad never wanted me to marry him. And my hubby still feels bad about it.

However, after having my third kid, my husband keeps saying if my dad wants me to leave, I should pack my things and leave his house.

Even when I tried to beg him, he kept on saying the same thing. He recently started this behavior a few months ago.

My husband said that my dad is planning to kill me so that he can hold my hubby responsible for it (Tufiakwa, God Forbid!!!)

Please my people what should I do? As I type this message now, I’m in a state of total confusion.



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