Gosh! I’m Married to a Stingy Man, Please Help

Dear Love Doctor,


I’m gradually falling into depression.


My marriage is about three years by and I have a baby of 1 year and 6 months.

I got married to a stingy man and I’m a very hard-working lady.

When I married newly, I start selling designer rubber slippers with the money with me, my younger brother who’s an undergraduate is my responsibility.

First and blood didn’t reveal to me that my husband’s hand had an invisible adhesive attached to it like a seal, and this is because I’ve always had my own money.

I am able to foot some bills myself and if I need help, my parents come off as great help.


What is draining me physically and mentally is that since I gave birth, I have been the one responsible for my baby’s feeding and every other thing.

I buy the milk, clothes, medications, everything!

I basically a single mother despite being married.


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Sadly, there isn’t much a heavy/nursing mother could do to hold up a business, hence the business ran down.

My hustling spirit pushed me into selling groundnuts to enable me afford some things for my baby.

But. . .but. . .my husband is comfortable!

This man has millions in his account but would cheerfully watch us go hungry or watch me borrow ₦1,000.


The sadder part is that I don’t know what he takes me for.

His best argument when I say something about it is that he is accumulating the money to enable him stick up a shop for me the following year.


I have really suffered in this thing called marriage.

I’ve explained to my brother that his bills are not something I could foot anymore and he understood.

I am a very beautiful lady.

I don’t seem to see the beauty since I got married. Stress has got me looking older than my age.

I barely sleep.


The only thing keeping me hopeful is my child.

Please advise me.

What should I do?

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