Steps to Satisfy Competitive Nature After Retirement In 2023

We should all have plans for retirements, especially those of us  with competitive spirits. For about thirty years I was a competitive athlete, from elementary school, middle and high school, all the way through college and in the NFL. Then I was an NFL coach. I’ve always had a highly competitive nature, setting goals, and going after them, year after year. Then I retired and no longer had the athletic field, but I’m still just as competitive as I ever was.

I love competition and think it makes me sharper and better. So I’ve channeled it into other areas of my life. Here are several ways I continue to keep the competitive juices flowing and some of the benefits.

Family Competition

As funny as it sounds I get pretty competitive while playing board games with my family. So I even get competitive with my kids.

Personal Growth Competition

I still work out quite a bit and I will actually compete with myself. Whether I am walking or riding the bike I find myself pushing myself to continually get better.

Career Competition

Finally, I still view my job as a competitive business. I work for NBC and we want to have the number one show in sports.

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