I Have Had Enough I Want To End It All – Help Me!!!

Dear Love Doctor,

I’m seriously considering ending my life and letting myself out of this mystery. I am married with a kid and is currently pregnant.

This is my fourth year in marriage, and ever since I got married, I have done nothing but cry.

I type this message with tears blurring my vision.

I married to a man an arrogant and a wicked man and I have passed through hell in his hands. He doesn’t care about me at all.

I happen to be a house wife but because of his irresponsible way of living, I had to borrow from my father to start up the business that I am doing now.

Sadly, the business is not moving as it should. I barely make sales and if I do, it is mostly on credit or below cost price which is saddening.


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My husband is quite wealthy. He is a well known established man but he doesn’t wish to extend a hand even if it is the least capital.

I have pleaded with him and he did nothing.

He doesn’t even provide for the family in any way, my small business bears the burden of our welfare until December when he’ll decide to provide a little stuff for stocking up the kitchen.

His usual provision for I and my daughter doesn’t exceed 1,000 which doesn’t even solve any problem.

The 1,000 includes our breakfast, lunch, dinner and transportation to and from school on working days.

Most times, I am left with no option than to beg our neighbours for food so that my daughter will not starve.

Currently, I have been able to save up to 20,000 through weekly contributions and I intend to travel to Aba, Abia State with the money to see what I can buy at a cheaper rate there and resell over here.

I was forced to shut down my business after I had a miscarriage and the doctor recommended I be on bed rest. With the situation of things, I can’t continue to be on rest, hence my decision.

I don’t know if this business will survive, I sincerely pray it does.

But if it doesn’t, I don’t know how I’ll take life. My husband’s nonchalant attitude is something I can’t seem to wrap my head around.

I don’t even know how to handle this because my marriage is depreciating by the day because of the way he treats us and my daughter is seeing everything.

What should I do?

Please, Love Doctor, how to you suggest I handle this?

How do I approach this issue?

Is there any remedy?

Within me, I feel like if this business is to thrive, I won’t want anything to do with him again but at the same time I’m considering my daughter and unborn child.

Please, help.

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