I Am Thinking of Cheating On My Wife, She Never Has Urge for Sex

Dear Love Doctor,

I’m honestly thinking of cheating on my wife.

This is because she’s unromantic and she never really have sexual urge at all.

I had complained and she said that whenever I feel like having sex, that I should just go ahead with it. However, I am only allowed to make that move when she’s not sleepy yet.

The challenge here is that the kids sleep late and once they’re put in bed, she dose off as well which turns me off effectively.

My major worry is that she’s never horny and has never made a move since we got married 8 years ago. I get tired making the move and getting turned down because she’s tired or with the kids.


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Quikies don’t happen, morning sex is ruled out.

How do I continue to cope with an unromantic person who only gets in the mood if I begin? We can stay for 2 months without sex. Even I can count our entire sex moments in a year.

She could be off on a trip for an entire month, come back and would still not act like she missed me or want any form of intimacy at least.

Sincerely, I wish it was easy to get sexually involved with some other lady and let myself out of this mysery. I’ll just allow her to continue with her solo cruise.

I was told that pregnant women get horny, but not in her case. She can stay the entire 9 months without making any request for sex. Our sxex moments are legendary though, she always gets to the climax a number of times and she enjoys every bit of it.

My main issue of concern is that I am running out of patience, I can’t keep up with this for any longer. As it stands, I am already looking outside.

What do you advise I do?

Truth is, I really love my wife, but I am so offended about this. We have had several discussions concerning it and none of them yielded any positive change.

What should I do?

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