Health Update Of Raga Yoga(2023)

Health Update Raja Yoga

Raja yoga is a practice which takes a practitioner to new realms of experience. It enables the soul to have contact with a higher power (spiritual) and to reach the highest peak of purity, peace, bliss, virtue and spiritual power. It enables humans to lead personal, family and social life in a much elevated way.

The word ‘yoga’ means stabilizing the mind in the consciousness of a supreme power, or having a mental link with your perceived God. Based on psychological principles, yoga develops the power of toleration, confrontation, endurance, and even the strength to withdraw when needed.

Yoga can change your life. 

A yogi tolerates all verbal attacks and does good even to those who offer brickbats, just as trees offer fruits to those who pelt stones at them. It is said, adversities, like the death of those on whom one depends, may come and high storms may rage strongly yet his flame of equanimity does not get extinguished.

Evidently, these powers are not only of personal benefit but are necessary for building a good society in general. These qualities help build better relations with all, help in one’s profession, in the sphere of home and in enabling man to be at peace with himself.

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