7 Dangerous Traits of a Narcissist

Narcissism is one of the most dangerous and negative personality traits you can think of. 


These people have hidden dark sides and they can make you become the worst version of yourself. 


Narcissists sometimes display a high level of physical and verbal aggression. These people spread gossip, bully others, and sometimes displace aggression against innocent people. 


Because Narcissists are dangerous, I decided to share with you some of the dangerous traits of a Narcissist. 


Without further ado, here are the 6 traits of a Narcissist person; 

#1. They are Obsessive, Manipulative, and Power Hungry


Narcissists are very deceptive in their actions. They have a way of hiding their true intentions and make you feel that they are doing you a favor. 


It’s a bad idea to trust a Narcissist. They are so desperate that they can actually do whatever it takes  to get what they want. 


These people are manipulative and power hungry. They always have an obsessive need for power over other people. 


Most times, Narcissists want to be in a position of authority. They want to have access to resources and people with authority. This will help them to dominate everybody around them. 

#2. They Have Violent and Unpredictable Temper 

Sometimes, a violent temper can be one of the traits of a Narcissist. It could be dangerous and harmful if this violent temper is directed at other people. 


Because Narcissists have inflated ego, they easily get angry over the smallest things. And when they show their anger, it’s sometimes in a destructive way. 


The truth is, Narcissists feel powerful and superior when they hurt other people. 

#3. They Don’t Empathize With Other People 

Empathy is a missing word in the Narcissists’ dictionary. They purposely behave cruelly and aren’t even bothered by their cruelty. 


Regardless of what is happening to people, the Narcissists don’t care. In fact, other people’s misfortune or challenges make the Narcissists feel good. 


So, if you have a Narcissist partner, they may not be concerned about your well being or being interested in your problems. 


And that explains why the Narcissists can’t develop a healthy relationship. These don’t experience the feelings that come with love, friendship, and Trustworthiness. 


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#4. Vindictive 

Narcissists are very vengeful. Once you hurt them, they will find a way to hurt you back, regardless of how long it takes. 


Every Narcissist believes that their own pain will diminish when they make other people suffer. 


#5. They Are selfish, Greedy, and Materialistic 

Generally Narcissists are selfish, greedy, and materialistic. You can’t see a Narcissist helping someone without expecting personal gains. 


It doesn’t matter how much it hurts other people, once Narcissists need something, they get it by all means possible. 


At all times, Narcissists only think about their self-interests and desires for personal goals without considering other people’s welfare. 

#6. Jealous and Envious 

Jealous and Envious are among the dangerous traits of a Narcissist. Enviousness and Jealousy are like two sides of a coin. 


Being envious means you want something that someone else has and being jealous means you are afraid that someone may take what you have. 


Narcissists don’t want to see other people doing well. In fact, other people’s success saddens them. 

#7. They are Two-Faced Liars and Cheat

Narcissists are liars and cheat. They have a way of manipulating people with lies. These personalities will cheat you out of things without you knowing. 


Narcissists don’t feel remorse or apologize for their actions. They will always defend themselves and won’t agree that they have done something wrong. 


Narcissists always appear to be a good person from the outside. But they can do anything behind closed doors to destroy other people’s lives. 


Have you met someone with these traits before? Kindly share your thoughts in the comment below. 


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