My Sister’s Husband Told Her Side Chicks That His Wife is Dead

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My sister called one of the ladies her husband was chatting with and the lady apologized that she never knew he was married, that he had told her that his wife died two years ago and he had a daughter with her.

My sister was shocked at how the husband went. The lady went ahead to tell that she and her husband have been seeing each other for a while and that there was never a trace that he was married. This was because he looked responsible and was very nice.

My sister proceeded to call all the girls and they told her the same thing. He said his wife was dead. Five of them, one of them even described their room and living room to prove to my sister that he brought them home.


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Some even said they spent the weekends because he’d sometimes bring my sister over with the excuse that he had an outside job to attend to and couldn’t leave her all by herself.

The moment he sensed my sister would spoil business for him by receiving his calls, he blocked his SIM card.

In my sister’s phone, his contact is saved as “my King,” while hers is saved with “Nna” in his phone.

Out of annoyance, my sister went back home and seized his school documents and brought them to our house.

When we went for a family meeting at his sister’s house, my sister told her own side of the story and he was asked to tell his.

He started complaining about how my sister was homely and didn’t serve him food nor cook for him like a man he is and she has stopped satisfying him which was why he started committing adultery

When his elder sister asked when my sister’s character changed, he couldn’t answer.

In the same energy, my sister asked him since he married her whether he has ever given her money to go to the market to buy foodstuffs to cook since he’s expecting to be served like a king.


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Finally, the family asked what she wanted and she said that she wasn’t interested in the marriage anymore since he wasn’t remorseful. She requested that he refunded her all her money.

This led to a family quarrel because they said she should return his phone and documents that they will refund her all her money

The issue now is that we don’t know if she should return the documents and phone to him.

She was given a date to return the items so that they could discuss how her money will be paid back.

Mind you, the majority of her property is still in that house and her husband is still living there while she is staying in our family house that can barely accommodate us all. She’s looking for a self-contained apartment.

We’ve gone to the court to know how to handle the issue legally but they weren’t able to attend to us, how do we go about this?

What step do we take from here?

His phone and documents pose as a leverage to get them to refund her, will returning it sabotage that?

What should we do?

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