Help! My Husband Always Maltreats Me Whenever His Sister is Around

Dear Love Doctor,

Please help me, it is all about me and my husband.

We are living in a one room apartment and my sister-in-law usually visits us.

Anytime she visits, my husband and I must have a problem.

I will wake in the morning and we’ll say our greetings and throw hikes at each other, but anytime I stay on my own without saying a word to anyone, my husband will start telling me that I am making his sister uncomfortable.

One afternoon when she visited, I was washing the plates while she was sleeping, I finished washing the dishes.

I asked my husband to give me money for groceries and he said I should go and take it from his bag.

I didn’t quite understand so I asked why he’d send me to take it myself when I asked that he give it to me. All he could do was to start yelling that I was always making his sister feel uncomfortable every time she visits.

Before now, I was living with his younger sister and the first slap I received from him was when I insisted that she must go.

Thankfully that she left, I now have to deal with the elder sister.

With this one, I don’t have any issue. We joke, gist and laugh, but whenever I decide to stay on my own problems will start.

How do I handle this?

I sincerely wouldn’t want this to escalate and I’m trying not to see it as him choosing them over me, but at the same I don’t know what to do.

Is it wrong to want solitude in your house when your sister-in-law is around?

Or is my husband making a mountain out of a molehill?

I don’t understand his motives sometimes, I don’t know if his sisters will soon start feeling empowered by that and try to overthrow me in my husband’s house, how do I handle this?

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