6 Toxic Things Sigma Males Never Say to Their Kids

I know this may come as a shock, but sigma males can become the most amazing parents.


They go the extra mile to make their children feel loved and teach them to cope with the harsh reality of the outside world.


The lone wolves know that children are very sensitive and have fragile emotions. So, they are extra careful when dealing with their kids.


Regardless of how angry the sigma males are, there are certain things they can never say to their kids.


And this is because sigma males understand the power of words and how they can dangerously affect a child.


Saying careless words to kids can leave indelible marks and memories for a lifetime.


Sigma males understand the psychology of kids. And they know that hurtful remarks from parents can cause serious psychological and emotional damage to these amazing creatures.


Today’s article discusses 6 toxic things sigma males never say to their kids.



Sigma males know that how they raise their kids and behave around them sets up the basic ground for building their personality and self-esteem.


So, here are 6 toxic things sigma males never say to their kids;


#1. Offensive Words About Their Appearance


Regardless of what happens, sigma males never use offensive words on their children.


They will never use demeaning words like you are too short, you are too skinny, you have ugly hair, etc., on their children.


It doesn’t matter how a child looks; sigma males will never degrade a child based on their appearance. They believe in the potential of every child.


Children who experience this type of degrading growing will have physical insecurity and worry about their body image.


And this could degenerate into low self-esteem and other serious emotional issues like eating disorders.


The sigma males teach their kids how to love themselves, irrespective of how they look from the outside.


#2. Provocative Questions Towards Actions


There are certain questions that, when you ask kids, it will unconsciously affect how they think about themselves.


For instance, it’s bad to tell kids, “why do you act so weird?”, “why do you walk that way?” why do you chew that way, move or talk that way?”


The truth is, children always believe whatever their parents say. Sigma males understand this fact, so they avoid using sarcastic questions or remarks on their kids.


Otherwise, these kids will think that something is wrong with them.


When kids start having this notion about themselves, it will be difficult for them to be themselves around people. And this behavior can be with them till adulthood.


They will constantly live with the fear and discomfort that other people may laugh at them, just because of the few words their parents innocently say to them.


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#3. Selfish Wishes


Irrespective of what a child has done, the sigma males will never say selfish wishes in front of that child.


Saying things like “I wish you were never born,” “I wish your mother had an abortion,” “I regret having you,” “I wish you were a different child,” etc. to a child makes them feel that they were not supposed to exist in this world.


Sigma males understand how sensitive and toxic these statements are, and they never say them to their children.


When parents use these toxic words on their kids, it diminishes their sense of identity and could degenerate to early depression.


One thing is certain – sigma males never relent to make their kids feel loved and valued.


#4. Making a Child Feel Like a Burden


Sigma males love their kids too much to make them feel like a burden. Regardless of the money, they spend on their kids; lone wolves never make their kids feel like a burden.


Sigma males are not like Beta and Omega males who say hurtful words like “it’s so hard to take care of you,” “having you exhausts me,” etc., to their kids.


These words are hurtful. And using them to address a child makes them feel like a burden. They will start hiding their needs, feelings, and problems from their parents.


Sigma males don’t want this for their kids, so they always make them feel loved and valued.



#5. Unhealthy Comparisons


Unhealthy comparisons are one of the toxic things sigma males never do to their kids.


Because of the sensitive nature of the lone wolves, they will never compare a child to their siblings, cousins, or to other kids.


They understand the fact that every child is unique, and they treat them that way.


Regardless of the sigma male’s child’s limitation, he will never make them feel that other kids are better than them.


Sigma males give every child the opportunity to build their own identity.


Kids whose parents are always subject to unhealthy comparisons grew up with low self-esteem and always believe they aren’t good enough.


#6. Verbally Abusive Words or Statements


Parents often make the mistake of using verbally abusive words or statements on their kids.


It’s heartbreaking when parents use hurtful words like “You’re stupid,” useless,” “You are a loser!” “you’ll never make it,” etc., on their kids.


Sigma males can never use these remarks on their kids. That is because they can damage a child’s self-esteem.


Even if a sigma male’s child is not doing well or performing below average in school, he doesn’t yell at the child.


He will encourage the child to believe in themselves.


Did you experience emotional abuse as a child? Kindly share your thoughts in the comment below.


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