Help!!! My Hubby Doesn’t Want Me to Work

Dear Love Doctor,

My husband has sworn that I will never work and I have been respecting him but not anymore.

This man has shown me hell simply because I’m no longer working. Before I met him, I was working because I was the one solely responsible for myself, my Mom and my siblings.

In fact, I was the breadwinner of my family. He however made me stop work because I needed to return with him to his base.

I went ahead to use all my savings to furnish our apartment after which I became broke to the extent that I couldn’t afford 100 shaving razor.


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He doesn’t give me any kobo apart from the one he gives me for cooking, which doesn’t exceed 2,000 for a pot of soup which we’re supposed to eat for at least 2-3 days.

The sad thing is, when I was working, I used to send him money without him even asking.

Currently, I am a TTC mum and I’m seriously in need of what to do.

I am not a graduate, I’m just an O’level certificate holder but I can read and write very well. I have worked in so many places both in the east and in the west and have been able to garner enough work experience.

My husband has dumped me on my struggling Mom to shoulder the responsibility, he doesn’t provide anything for me, not even a dime.

He doesn’t care if I make my hair, purchase toiletries or other necessities.

I am forced to go against his command and I don’t know if what I’m doing is the right thing.

Should I talk to someone he is accountable to or should I try to discuss it with him again?

I’m running out of options and I’m tired of living like a widow.

What do I do now?

Please, Love Doctor, advise me.

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