How To Finger A Girl: Surprising Orgasm Secret No Man Is Willing To Share

Sexual satisfaction is an area ladies don’t joke with. It doesn’t matter if the lady is religious or otherwise, they all crave to reach orgasm after intercourse. Sadly, only 12.9% of women reach orgasm through penile penetration. In this article, you will learn how to finger a girl and take her to orgasm. 

If you want to make your woman happy in bed, you should master the art of foreplay. And fingering is one of the most effective techniques you can use to make a woman come during foreplay. 

Let me tell you this… If you have never taken your woman to orgasm before, you are at the verge of losing her to a smarter guy. It’s the reality. 

Have you ever asked yourself this question? Why would a woman live her super-rich and educated husband for a mere security man? 

The answer is simple; every lady wants a man who can give her unexplainable pleasure in bed. And if you are that man, your woman will love you so much.

 In the next section, I’ll be sharing with you some of the tips on how to finger a girl. 

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Tips On How To Finger A Girl And Make Her Come

If you can apply these fingering tips on your lady, you will surely make her come.

#1. Keep Your Fingers Clean and Trim

how to finger a woman

The virginal is very sensitive. And you need to consider your lady’s health before you start fingering her. Otherwise, you could scratch her inner skin and possibly lead to infection. If this happens, the pleasure you want to give her will become counterproductive. 

Sincerely, untrimmed fingernails will make her feel pain instead of pleasure. But if you already have your nails trimmed, watch your hands before you get down to business. 

#2. Tease Her Before You Start

how to finger a girl
Foreplay Moment Before The Real Deal

Guys! We are in the 21st century, try to be a bit more romantic. Before you start fingering a lady, try to warm her up first. At least, she should be wet before you do anything. You know why? If the virginal of a lady is dry, fingering her will make her feel pain instead of pleasure. 

So, you can start by kissing her neck, gently nibbling her ears, caress her thighs, butt, and hips. Depending on how well you touch her, she should be wet and ready for you by this time. 

But it doesn’t end here. The next thing you should do is to use your hand to rub her crotch gently through her pants. Use your palm to rub the crotch, or you can grind against her with your thigh or pelvic. 

Don’t be in a hurry to remove her pants. She should ache for the skin to skin contact before you take them off. Spend a reasonable time tracing your fingertips up and down her labia. 

Trust me, ‘dude,’ by this time, she will be begging you to remove her pants. Women love teasing a lot, don’t skip this critical procedure; it could make a lot of difference in the entire experience. 

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#3. Know What You Are Touching

It’s quite a shame that guys don’t even understand the anatomy of a lady. Yet they want to take her to orgasm. Wake up from your dream, bro. 

You don’t just finger or touch a lady’s private part for fun. There are four strategic areas you should stimulate to give her endless pleasure. These areas are her outer labia, inner labia, the virginal opening, and her clitoris. 

The Outer Labia

The outer labia is the area of a virginal covered with pubic hair. It looks like lips, and this is where you should start your teasing through her pants. 

When touching her outer labia, try to use your forefinger tips or thumb to roll the skin on her outer labia. This gives her a lot of pleasure while waiting for the real deal. 

The Inner Labia

The inner labia doesn’t have pubic hair, but it still looks like a set of lips. They are wet and thinner than the outer labia. It’s better you gently stroke the inner labia with your fingertips as this area is delicate. But ladies feel a great sensation when you touch it. 

The Virginal Opening

The virginal opening is where penetration happens during intercourse. Also, virginal lubrication comes from this part. Whether you trace your fingers around the opening or insert your fingers inside will make your lady feel very good. 


The clitoris is the control button of the virginal. It’s the most sensitive part of the virginal. It’s a tiny little nub, yet it has a whole lot of nerve endings.

 A direct clitoris stimulation will give any lady the Big ‘O’ she craves. But I would advise you to be gentle with the clitoris stimulation at first. Once you discover that she likes it, you can continue with it. 

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#4. Use Lube

You don’t need a soothsayer to know that a lady’s genital is very sensitive. When your fingers pull and tug at her skin when fingering her, she will start feeling pain instead of pleasure. 

An artificial lube will make your fingers move deftly inside her virginal. Sometimes, you may want to rely on her natural fluid, but it can get dried immediately. A lube will increase her sensitivity. 

#5. Experiment With Your Touch

There’s something you should know – ladies respond differently to touch. So, it’s your job to play around her with a different approach so that you will see the one she likes most. 

This doesn’t mean you should try different random techniques. But you can focus on clitoral stroking, finger penetration, or use both. She will like any of these approaches. 

#6. Pay Attention To her Clitoris

Once she’s feeling your touch, you have to pay more attention to her clitoris. This is where the orgasm secret lies. At this point, you have to do consistent and repetitive clitoral stimulation. 

If you establish a particular pattern that she likes, don’t change it. Keep stimulating it until she stays shouting your name. Dude, at this point, you hold the key to her heart. 

Oh! Have you asked yourself why a lady never leaves his boyfriend even if he beats her everyday? The answer is simple; the guy knows how to finger a girl. 

#7. Stop The Stimulation When She Says So

Again, you should focus more on making her feel good than reaching orgasm. I’m sure you wouldn’t want her to be under pressure to reach orgasm, this could ruin everything. 

Don’t forget that it takes an average of 20 minutes for a woman to reach orgasm. If you don’t know how to finger a girl, you can’t achieve this.

Also, some women might not be comfortable with the idea of taking too long. But it’s your job to make her feel relaxed about everything. 

It doesn’t matter if your d*ck is small or big; you can always take your woman to orgasm. But the secret lies in knowing how to finger a girl. 

There are a whole lot of big rods out there who can’t satisfy their ladies one big. Similarly, there are small d*ck guys who understand the anatomy of a woman’s virginal. And always take their ladies to orgasm each time they have sex. 

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