6 Things Sigma Males Never Say to a Woman

Sigma Males so much understand the psychology of women’s behaviours. They understand the mind games women play and use a counterintuitive approach to neutralize these games. 


In today’s video, we will discuss the 6 things men should never Say to a woman. 

#1. Sigma Males Never Tell a Woman to Be Their Girlfriend

I know this may sound confusing, but sigma males never ask a woman to be their girlfriend. Rather, the lone wolves will compose themselves in a way that will make women want to be with them. 


Sigma males know that once they give their commitment freely to a woman, she will start misbehaving because she doesn’t see them as a challenge anymore. 


What I mean is that women get bored of a man easily once he gives out his commitment easily. 


Women prefer to convince you to be with them rather than you making the first move. Sigma males know this psychology and that is why they never tell a woman to be their girlfriend. 


#2. They Never Ask a Woman What Should We Do?

As surprising as this may seem, women actually love masculine men. They want to be with a man who can direct and lead them. 


Women enjoy coming along for the journey and the ride. They don’t like to be in a situation when they have to decide. 


Sigma males understand this fact. So, instead of the sigma male asking his woman – where do you want us to go for the weekend? Instead, he would tell her – come over this weekend, I have plans for us.  


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#3. They Never Tell a Woman About Their Shortcomings Or Life Challenges


Wait!!! Do men actually tell women about their shortcomings or life challenges? 


Oops!!! That is something Beta and Omega male will probably do. But not the sigma males. 


The lone wolves always play their cards very close to their chests. Most times, sigma males keep their personal shortcomings and challenges to themselves. 


Of course, women will pretend to understand what you are experiencing and even pretend to comfort you. 


But in reality they already have a different perception about you and will start seeing you differently. 


Women appreciate men who solve problems, not those who complained about their problems. 

#4.  They Never Ask a Woman If She Has a Boyfriend


 Whenever a sigma male meets a woman, he always assumes that the woman doesn’t have a boyfriend. 


He will just roll with the punches and keep things going with her. Asking a woman if she has a boyfriend gives her the impression that you have low self esteem. 


#5. Sigma Males Don’t Ask for a Woman’s Number 


Sigma males deal with women the same way salesmen deal with their clients. They will never ask for a lady’s number, rather they give the lady their number to call them. 


Surprisingly, these women will always call the sigma males because they make themselves valuable and irresistible. 


Once the lone wolf gives a woman his number to call him, it gives her the impression that the lone wolf is not desperate and needy. 


#6. They Don’t Express Their Feelings to a Woman They Just Met

Regardless of how much a sigma male loves a woman, he doesn’t express his feelings to her. 


Sigma males have control over their emotions and will keep their cool until the woman they are interested in tells them how she feels about them. 


Once you let a woman know how you feel about them, they will be bored of you. Women love men who are mysterious and keep them on their toes. 


They will hang with a woman, have a great time together, but they will never be lovey-dovey. 


Have you said any of these to a woman in the past? Kindly share your experience in the comment section. 


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