What Happened If a Sigma Male Ignores a Woman?

When it comes to relationships, sigma males are ‘weirdoes.’ Although they are weird, women still find them irresistible. 


Sigma males perfectly understand the psychology of women. They know that most of the problems men have with women stem from issues these women have created.


Unfortunately, Beta, Alpha, and Omega males often try to do the impossible. They want to be Mr. Fix it in their relationship.


These men always come to women’s aids, fix things, and possibly be her repairman.


But sigma males so much understand women. Once a woman starts giving the sigma male issues in the relationship, he ignores her permanently.


Don’t get this wrong; sigma males cherish, love, and make life easy for cooperative and understanding women.


But once a woman starts giving the lone wolf a hard time and tries to make things difficult for him, he ignores that woman immediately.


It doesn’t matter whether he’s married to that woman or they are just dating. Once a woman tries to make life miserable for the sigma male, he will ignore her permanently.


There will always be when a woman tries to pull a stunt or take some action when he expects her man to react.


In such a situation, beta, Omega, and even alpha males will always react emotionally or appear to be upset and frustrated.


Such reactions will give the woman the impression of satisfaction that she has won. And you will be on her playing field.


But sigma males never react emotionally with women. The lone wolf will always remain stoic no matter what the woman does.


When it becomes necessary to make any move, the sigma males will ensure that they are in control of their emotions.


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Once the sigma male is not reacting to women’s games, they will become frustrated because they know it’s impossible to control the lone wolves.


So, while in a relationship, sigma males always ignore the things that women do. This will give that woman the idea that they can’t play, manipulate or run around with the sigma males.


Because the sigma males don’t always give to women’s demands, mental gymnastics, and give them enough time to reflect on their bad issues, women always submit and cooperate with the lone wolves.


Regardless of the mess a woman has created in a relationship, a sigma male will ignore her and allow her to fix it herself.


The truth is, once a woman realizes that her man is emotional and always allows her actions to dictate how he feels, moves, and even thinks, she will control that man and dominate the relationship.


The sigma males understand these mind games that women always play, and they never fall for it.


If you observe a typical Beta or Omega male relationship, you will realize that these guys are always confused with their women.


And they always want to know why their women behave a particular way. Unfortunately, this curiosity into their women’s behavior makes it easy for women to hypnotize the Beta, omega, and sometimes, alpha males.


Sigma males are damn good at analyzing women’s behavior. They know that every woman’s action doesn’t deserve a reaction.


Because most women don’t have a fulfilling, fun life, they would want to come around you and bring stress and issues to your life.


And if you can’t figure this out early enough, it will cause you more harm than good.


So, whenever a sigma male is dealing with a woman, he practices both patience and the art of ignoring women.


To a sigma male, women are like your shadow; the more you walk away from them, the more they follow you.


But when you move towards them, they move away.


In a nutshell, when you ignore a woman, it creates a mystery in their mind as to what’s going on with you.


Even if a sigma male loves a woman so much, he never shows it to the extent that she starts having the feeling that she can control his day or how he acts.


Sigma males know that the best way to get a woman to cooperate with you is not by reacting emotionally.


But by ignoring and giving them the impression that you don’t care about what they do.


It’s quite unfortunate that several guys out there are paying for the things another man did to their women several years ago.


So, sigma males will always ignore a woman whenever she’s trying to bring up that is not directly affecting them.


Whether it’s an ex-girlfriend or a woman he’s trying to get, the best way sigma males get a woman’s attention is by ignoring.


When a sigma male ignores a woman, it makes her lose her mind and think, wow, it doesn’t this guy care about me?


Am I not good enough for him? Or perhaps, let me get my act together so that he will be interested in me.


Because sigma males have mastered the act of ignoring women over time, it’s almost impossible for them to lose sleep over a woman.


All they have to do is ignore and behave like they never existed. This will change whatever idea the woman is nursing and give her a mindset change.


Before a woman gets the sigma male’s attention, he needs to prove herself worthy. Otherwise, she will be ignored like every other woman.


This explains why some women will put some guys (perhaps beta and Omega) in the friend zone and call them Mr. Nice guys and be begging to sleep with another man who they just met.


Have you ever ignored a woman? Kindly share your thoughts in the comment section.



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