Being Hard On Yourself? Know What It Means(2023)

What Does Being Too Hard on Yourself Mean?

Being too hard on yourself is a complex interplay of self-doubt, criticism, and harsh self-judgment.

It’s like having a personal raincloud that follows you around, dimming your own light.

So what does it really mean to be too hard on yourself?

    • It involves setting unrealistic expectations and standards, then berating oneself when these aren’t met.
  • It’s about continually focusing on one’s flaws and failures rather than appreciating achievements and strengths.
  • It means struggling to accept compliments or positive feedback, always suspecting there’s an unspoken ‘but.’
  • It’s never feeling ‘good enough’ despite evidence to the contrary.

This persistent self-criticism is far from a solitary journey. Millions experience this daily, their lives limited by self-imposed barriers.

Recognizing this behavior is the first step towards cultivating self-love and embracing a life unburdened by excessive self criticism.

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