3 Craziest Things Only the Sigma Males Know About Women

To most people, sigma males are weirdos who are living a frustrated life. These people never believe in the concept of the sigma males. 


Perhaps, it’s because they are weak low-value men without an iota of self-esteem. So, they expect every other man out there to be on the same level with them. 


But the truth is, sigma males are sage among men. Their wisdom is uncommon, their insight is outstanding, and their personality is legendary. 


They know everything happening around them, yet, they feign ignorance. They are naturally born leaders but they don’t like leading. 


Every high-value sigma male understands the psychology of women. They know the reasons behind women’s actions and can easily predict their best moves. 


In fact, one of the reasons women find sigma males really attractive is because they always appear mysterious and elusive. 


Today’s article will discuss 3 craziest things Only the Sigma Males Know about Women. 


Without further ado, here are 3 craziest things only the sigma males know about women; 


#1. Women Are Naturally Programmed to Test Men 


From time immemorial, women have been testing men for their strength, maturity, and masculinity. 


Guys, I don’t think they are stopping anytime soon because it’s part of who they are. Nobody can change it. 


I know most guys (especially Beta males) are not ready to hear this. But women naturally seek to be with the best men you can think of. 


They want to be with a man who is emotionally strong and mature, with a unique perspective about life. 


Most focused and detailed-oriented women always test men for strength. Funny enough, you won’t even know that a woman is actually testing you. 


She will do it in the most natural way you can think of. 


A woman could test your emotional strength during a conversation and how you react to issues. 


It’s quite funny that there are several guys out there who wish girls wouldn’t just test them. 


Perhaps, it’s because they don’t have the kind of confidence and mental strength expected from an average man. 


There are no two ways about it. Most girls will want to test your mental strength and masculinity before getting serious with you. 


Expecting a sigma or high value woman to date you without testing you is like asking the sun not to rise in the morning. 


Women always want to be with guys who have strong characters and unique personalities like the sigma males. 


Naturally, sigma males are the type of guys girls test for. Whenever they’re around a woman, these traits unconsciously manifest. This makes the lone wolf every lady’s man. 


Again, the sigma males know that testing men is part of the women’s biological process. So, they don’t really take these tests personally. 


They see it as part of who they are and don’t make a big deal out of it. 


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#2. Women Can Easily Spot Beta Males 


Women have certain genetic advantages that help them spot low value men like Beta and Omega males. 


Even if these men were to fake their personality and give the impression that they are sigma males, high value women will always spot them. 


Remember, a low value man will always be a low value man, irrespective of how he tries to fake it. 


Sigma males believe that it’s almost impossible to fool a woman by being something that you are not. 


Even though the woman believes you initially, she will eventually know the truth. 


There are so many fake sigma males out there. They basically assume the role and keep faking it. 


But like we all know, three things can’t be hidden for long – the sun, the moon, and the truth. 


So, regardless of how you try to fake your real personality, the truth will eventually be discovered. 

#3. Less is More 

Most guys don’t know this fact. It is one of the reasons women flock around the sigma males. 


They know the psychology of women and understand that the less attention you give to a woman, the more interested she will become. 


Yes, we all know that women need attention. But when you give them too much attention, they will start losing interest in you. 


Yeah, I know it’s quite paradoxical, but that is the reality. 


Have you ever noticed that your ex-girlfriend tends to develop more interest in you after a break up? 


Well, that is because the less attention you give to her, the more attractive you become. 


The sigma males are always the dominant partner in a relationship because they give women less attention and appear mysterious. 


I don’t think this is peculiar to attention. 


Sometimes, when you buy a woman expensive gifts or take her on luxury vacation, you are likely to achieve the opposite result.


In a nutshell, the less attention and gifts you give to a woman, the more of her attention you will get. 


Remember, women’s greatest fantasies are those things they can’t have. So, if she can’t get your full attention, you become her number one fantasy. 


Once you realise that with women, less is more, you will develop a different perspective about them.  


Of course, sigma males know these facts, and that is why they are the most attractive male personality in the manosphere.


Do you think giving less attention to a woman makes her show more interest in you? 

Kindly share your thoughts in the comment section. 


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