Why Sigma Males Have Fewer Friends

To most people, friendship means a lot. And every great friendship is forged through mutual trust, unconditional support, and of course, selflessness. 


Unfortunately, the emergence of social media platforms is giving some people a completely different mentality about friendship.


You can have a million followers on Twitter and countless friends on Facebook. 


But if you can’t trust them or rely on them for unconditional support, they aren’t your friends. Rather, they are your spectators or should I say – fans, on social media. 


However, the sigma males have fewer friends. 


Before they consider you a friend, you must have proven yourself worthy of such friendship. 


They know the importance of real friendships and value them deeply. 


You may naturally think that the sigma males are proud or arrogant, that is why they have few friends. 


But that is not true. 


It’s just in their nature. They believe in quality not quantity. 


Generally, they  are smart and intelligent, and the smarter you are, the fewer friends you get. 


If you have been wondering why the sigma males have fewer friends, keep watching this video, your question will be answered in no time. 


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So, without further ado, here are 7 reasons sigma males have fewer friends; 


#1. They Can See Through People

Sigma males are very intelligent and they can easily detect people’s real intentions from a distance. 


They can tell when someone is too enthusiastic, emotional, and hyperactive.


They avoid these types of people and can’t be friends with them because of their personality. 


Most times, these people are social climbers who want to be friends with the lone wolves because they have what they need or want. 


Because of the sigma male’s intuitive nature, he can detect social climbers from miles away and avoid them by all means necessary.

#2. They Don’t Care About What People Think of Them 

Sigma males don’t give a damn about what people think of them. They have an independent mindset and the liberty to express themselves without trying to please anybody. 


They always think differently from other people. And they are for any reason bother by other people’s opinion. 


#3. They Are Not Afraid of Missing Out 

Sigma males don’t do things because every other person is doing it. They don’t jump on the bandwagon. 


They would rather spend time alone researching and learning new things than engaging in a senseless conversation. 


Unlike the Beta and Omega males, the lone wolves don’t really care about the latest trends. And they pay little or no attention to materialistic things. 


Since they are always happy being alone and reflecting on the world around them, they don’t have the fear of missing out. 

#4. They Always Observe When They are in  New Environment

Whenever the sigma males are in a new environment, they sit back and observe what’s happening around them. 


And whenever they see people who are addicted to social media or those who enjoy promoting propaganda, they feel irritated immediately. 


They will try as much as possible to stay away from these people. To the lone wolves, there’s more to life than wasting it away on social media or promoting propaganda just to stir issues. 


Every sigma male believes in rediating the energy they want to be around. 


Of course, they are humble and encouraging to everybody. But they won’t put their time and trust in people who don’t deserve it. 


#5. They Don’t Need To Prove Their Worth to Anybody

Every sigma male is independent and strong. They have a mindset that makes them seem like gods amongst men. 


They are always grateful for the little things and are content with what they have got. 


Of course, the sigma males can support themselves and don’t rely on anybody for anything. So, they don’t have to prove their worth to anybody. 


#6. Other People Find Them Intimidating 

One of the reasons why the lone wolves have fewer friends is the intimidating aura they always exude. 


They are not like alpha males who make too much noise wherever they are. 


The sigma males usually keep to themselves. But they are a force to be reckoned with. 


Remember, they don’t need anybody’s validation to be happy or confident. 


So, they are not afraid to say the truth or confront someone when they are out of line. 


And these traits make people see the sigma male as a threat. 


However, there are few people out there who can see them for who they truly are. And these are the people the sigma males can invest their time and effort in. 

#7. They Are Mysterious and Elusive 

Sigma males are not easy to understand. The more you try to understand them, the more mysterious they become. 


They are loners. And only a few people understand them and see things from their perspective. 


Sigmas live in their own small world and they see excessive social activities as a serious distraction. 


They only engage in intellectually stimulating conversation. They dislike gossip and avoid rumor mongers like plagues.


So, do you have fewer friends? Kindly share your thoughts in the comment below. Thank you. 


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