5 Ways Sigma Males Spot a Gold Digger

Normally, dating is difficult. But dating a Gold digger is the worst thing that can happen to anybody. 


Gold diggers are viruses the sigma males never associate themselves with. 


These women are greedy and selfish. 


There’s no love in their dictionary. And they only date you for the sole purpose of using or taking your money and wealth. 


These women don’t have an honest emotion or physical attraction to their partners. 


They only have one goal – which is to date you so as to have access to your wealth. 


A gold digger will go to the extent of marrying a way older man and waits for the man to die so as to inherit his property. 


Some may even file for divorce and try to share from your hard-earned money through legal proceedings. 


In a nutshell, it’s never a good idea to date a gold digger. And that is why sigma males always watch out for them in a relationship. 


Once they spot one, they end the relationship without consideration. 


So, without further ado, here are 5 ways sigma males spot a gold digger in a relationship;


#1. They Never Pay For Anything

Generally, sigma males are nice. When they like a woman, they won’t hesitate to spend money on her, especially if they are wealthy. 


But there should be reciprocity. I mean, spending money in a relationship should be a two-way street. 


However, if the woman suddenly wants the lone wolf to pay for everything – from the food they ate at the restaurant to other small bills, it’s a serious warning sign that she’s a gold digger. 


The sigma males believe that if the woman in your life never offers to pay for something..


 or offer to buy you something, 


or at least bought you a small gift, no matter how little, that woman is a gold digger. 


And the earlier you leave her the better for you. 


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#2. She Always Needs A Financial Bail Out 

A gold digger will always need a financial bail out. Common guys! That is like the oldest trick in the girl code book. 


The sigma males know this trick so well, and once a woman suddenly wants to turn the sigma male to their financial lifeline, he walks away without stress. 


The questions he will ask himself before walking away are these –


 “Who was paying this bill before I started dating her?” 


What exactly is her source of income?


can I continue to pay this ?


The truth is when a lady is always coming up with stories like 


“Oh no I was expecting some money that didn’t come” or “Oops! My salary was delayed”, the sigma males won’t stay in that relationship for another day. 


Don’t get this wrong. She may actually be telling the truth. 


But the question the lone wolf will ask himself is this – “If I wasn’t there what would she have done”?


A gold digger will always want to use your relationship with her to collect money from you. I mean, there’s always a financial problem whenever you see her. 


The sigma males are aware of the fact that relationships are not poverty alleviation programs. 


And once a woman is trying to turn it into one, the sigma males end things immediately. 

#3. She Tries to Manipulate Other People With Their Sexuality 

Gold diggers are always looking for the easiest way out in every situation. They want to earn money yet they don’t want to work. 


So, they will end up trying to use their charm, good look, and sexual appeal to get what they want. 


Unfortunately, these manipulations don’t work for the sigma males. They can easily spot a gold digger from a distance. 


And once she finally revealed the kind of person she is or tries to get whatever she needs through sexual manipulation, the sigma male walks out of her without looking back.

#4. They are Obsessed With Status

Obsession with status is one of the easiest ways sigma males spot a gold digger. 


These women are broke, yet they want to live big. Their biggest goal in life is to have a high-status position in the society or be associated with someone in such strata. 


These women seriously dislike people who have low status.


They will always be hard on homeless people and be rude to beggars. 


Once sigma male notices this behaviour in a woman, he immediately knows that she is a gold digger.  



#5. She Has No Source of Income Yet Lives Lavishly 

Wait! Guys there are a lot of them out there. 


These ladies don’t have a source income yet they use the latest iphone, and drive some really nice cars, etc. 


Gosh! Once the sigma male notices this, he immediately knows that these are women who want to reap where they didn’t sow. 


Whenever a sigma male is with a woman who is jobless and doesn’t have a source of income, yet spends lavishly, he’s always irritated. 


He knows that there are chances this lady has quite a number of guys she’s collecting money from. 


Regardless of how gorgeous a woman seems, the sigma male will always walk away from her once he notices that she’s a gold digger. 


Have you dated a gold digger before? Kindly share your experience in the comment below.


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