21 Romantic Types of Hugs and Their Meaning In a Relationship

A hug is a form of endearment, universal in human communities, in which two or more people put their arms around the neck, back, or the waist of one another and closely hold each other. If more than two people are involved, it may be referred to as a group hug. In this article, I will share with you some of the types of hugs and what they mean in a relationship.

Even according to the scientists, hugs bring plenty of benefits such as strengthening the immune system, reducing stress, and even boosting self-esteem.

In most relationships, the lovers in question tend to hug whenever they see each other or whenever they’re around themselves. We’ll see some couples holding themselves on their shoulders as they walk pass, and some give themselves a romantic hug whenever they’re on a date. But I want you to know that there are many types of hugs.

Are you surprised? Don’t be. If you want to know the meaning of the type of hug you give your partner, here is a guide to know the type of hugs because the hugs you give to a friend should be different and more unique to the ones you give to your lover.

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21 Types of Hugs and Their Meaning

So, being an avid fan of hugs, that’s why I’ve collected 21 different types of hugs and what they actually mean in a relationship.

Unequal Height Hug

this type of hug we actually see in the movie, especially in a romantic scene. This hug usually takes place between those who are in a relationship. Due to a big difference in height, a taller partner usually has to bend quite a bit, while the shorter partner can sometimes stand on their tiptoes to align with the hugger.

A Hug from  Behind or a Reverse Hug

types of hugs

this type of hug usually comes as a surprise to the female partner when the male partner hugs her from behind. A reverse hug indicates deep feelings in the person hugging from behind. Even if a person hasn’t declared those three special words yet, a partner can be sure that this hugger is in love with them.

Someone who’s not in a relationship with a lady will never give this type of hug except if the guy is trying to flirt. The person hugging from behind is ready to take responsibility and give necessary protection to the person they hug.

Heart – to – Heart Hug

heart to heart hug

Perhaps this type of hug is the most romanticized type of hug. Traditionally, it’s a long, comforting hug where one person leans on the chest of the other, subconsciously asking for an endorsement. The other person, at the same time, either gives a long hug or strokes the back of the one who needs support. The hug usually is gentle, tender, and tight.



This is another type of hug that seems to comfort your partner. This type of hug usually takes place between those who are in love. It is usually long, pleasant and can be followed with some nice and tender words.

One-Side Arm Hug

types of hugs

This is normally a quick type of hug that is usually performed to support the other person, to cheer them up, or to show the hugger’s friendliness. It can have romantic undertones too, especially if the hug takes place in the cinema or theater.

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Bear Hug

This type of hug is usually done to embrace a female partner. It shows love and that your partner is pleased to see you again. I’ll say this is a favorite type of hug among women. This is probably because it shows the affection and closeness of the one who initiated the hug.

A hug at the Waist

This type of hug is an intimate gesture, and it shows that he wants to spend as much time together as possible. He trusts you and is happy to see you. But be careful, these men are often quick to fall in and out of love in a relationship.

The hug while looking into the eyes

This type of hug is a tender hug from him, while looking into your eyes spells a deep connection between you. It takes courage to stare to your lovers’ eyes. If he or she does this, it shows he or she cares for you deeply.

A Strong Hug

This type of hug is when a man hugs his partner firmly and gently strokes her back. This shows she has everything she needed. This type of hug indicates your partner is committed and wants a long-term relationship that includes the whole nine yards. If that’s what you want to, then you’re in luck.

The naughty hug

This is the type of hug where your partner’s hand travels down your back and maybe rests on your buttock. He’s ready for some bedroom action. No patience here.

The hug that lasts

This type of hug does occur between lovers, either of the two during this type of hug stays mute because it’s a silent expression of love.

The straddle Hug

In this type of hug where the woman opens her arms and jumps into her man. This type of hug signifies that the woman is truly in love with her man. Also, this type of hug shows she fully trust her man.

The Pickpocket hug

This type of hug interprets itself where the lovers hug each other in a way that the hands are in each other’s back pocket. This type of hug connotes trustworthiness and an intimate relationship.

The quick hug

This is the type of hug that doesn’t last at all. My interpretation of this type of hug is that the couples are shy or have awkward feelings for each other in public. This happens especially when the relationship is still new. So, this type of hug won’t last as long as the relationship still exists; they will be changée and will surely grow confidence in each other.

The hug with head on the shoulder

this type of hug shows the partners have confidence in each other. Mostly, this type of hug is done by the female genders. This type of hug also shows a strong affection, which means both couples are incredibly comfortable with each other.

Slow dance hug

types of hugs

This is the type of hug that usually happens in the dancehall or at a wedding where couples are so close to each other. This type of hug is romantic and sweet because it shows that couples have incredible chemistry and connection.

The ragdoll Hug

Not all hugs connote love in a relationship. However, this type of hug is usually received in a one-sided relationship. This type of hug should not be looking forward to because no matter how much one person tries to make the relationship work, it is all in vain because the other doesn’t give a damn.

The hug with twirling you around

This is one of the types of hugs ladies receive because their body is soft and tender. Any lady that receives this type of hug will never forget the guy for the rest of her life because it means that the guy loves spending time with her, and he’s not afraid to show you his playful side.

The London Bridge hug

This type is not always common in relationships. This type of hug means both parties are polite to one another.

Sloppy hug:

This type of love doesn’t show love or affection, and it looks like you’re just doing it for no reason. This type of hug is very common among friends.

The Catcher hug

This type of hug is characterized by couples who have a strong feeling for each other. This type of hug is very intimate, so you can’t hug just anyone like this.

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