Tips To Turn Your Daily Walk Into Workouts(2023)

Tips to transform a daily walk into a workout:

“Walking is a low-impact form of cardio that can help you lose weight, reduce stress and improve your mood,” says Mukul.

Walk your way to good health. 

Here are tips to turn your walk into a workout suggested by Mukul:

1. Do walk intervals

Pick up and mix up your pace of walk like interval training. Interval training means when you alternate between harder and easier periods of walking. Mukul says, “Intervals—short periods of harder efforts—not only make your walk more challenging, but they can also make it more engaging and fun. And harder doesn’t have to mean “running” if you don’t want it to.”

2. Add some weights

Walking already involves your calves, quads, hamstrings, glutes, and core. Integrating weights can further challenge those muscles and incorporate other muscles and also recruit more of your upper body. Toting light dumbbells, ankle weights or even household objects works. In fact, you can add weight to your pockets for an even distribution of weight on both sides.

A longer and healthier life is just a daily walk away. 

3. Using elevation

Walking or running on a flat surface will raise your heart rate and a good workout. But heading uphill naturally increases the intensity of your walk even if you’re moving at the same pace or slower. In fact, it’s good for leg muscle activation.

4. Add some bodyweight movements

Add bodyweight movements such as push-ups, walking lunges, walking planks, or single-leg hopping, you can do two minutes of walking, then one minute of strength moves.

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