Unique Signs That a Woman Sees You as a Sigma Male

Most times, when the term Sigma Male is mentioned, what comes to people’s mind is a drug addict, criminal, male chauvinist, etc.

But this is a completely wrong impression people have about the sigma males.


The truth is, sigma males aren’t some random drug addicts or criminal elements. They represent men with a unique mindset, creative thinking, and elusive behavior.


We call them the advancement of humanity because their perspective is completely different from that of an average man.  


The sigma males thought pattern completely defies what most guys are brought up to believe.


Most of the sigma males’ traits and behavioral patterns are based on their life experience. You can’t learn them in school neither will your parents teach you.


But here’s something most guys don’t know. Women only see three types of men – Alpha, Beta, and Sigma males.


And by default women are accustomed to dealing with Sigma males more than other male personalities.


It’s quite unfortunate that we are currently living in a world populated with more alpha and beta males.


These males live according to the imaginary dominance hierarchy of the society.


Generally, women are used to dealing with Alpha and Beta males.


Do you know why?


It’s because the real sigma males of the world are rare. And many of the sigma males are natural.

That means, they naturally have a unique mindset, behavior pattern, and perspective.


However, there are other men who have become sigma males over time, through constant practice and consciously adopting certain behavioral traits.


But here’s the thing – a woman can instinctively tell whether you are a sigma, alpha, or beta male, within the first few moments of chatting with you.


And how that woman will behave towards you, will be based on the personality type she feels you belong to.


In today’s article, you will learn the unique signs that a woman sees you as a sigma male.


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#1. They Appear to Be Independent

One of the signs that a woman sees you as a sigma male is when she appears independent before you.


Everybody knows that the sigma males love being independent and enjoy dating independent ladies.


So, once a lady believes that you are a sigma male, she will try as much as possible to be independent when around you.


From her body language, her voice tone, and her reaction during a conversation, she will display a level of independence.


#2. They Give You Enough Space

Once a lady sees some traits of a sigma male in you, she will start giving you space.


These women know that regardless of how much a sigma male loves someone, once that person starts suffocating them with their presence, the lone wolves tend to lose interest quickly.


For this reason, a woman who believes you are a sigma male will give you enough space.


They know that you derive happiness by being lonely. So, they naturally allow you to spend time alone and reflect on the world around you.


#3. They Will Talk Less than Necessary

Sigma males can’t stand a woman that talks too much. And these women already know this fact.


So, they will try to say less than necessary when they believe that you are a sigma male.


Even when they want to have a conversation with you, they try to prioritize thinking before talking.


Because these women won’t want to appear unintelligent and stupid before you, they will try to analyze whatever they want to say before saying it.


Once you notice that a woman is paying attention to what she says when around you, that means she believes you are a sigma male.


#4. Submission

Women always act submissively when in the presence of a sigma males.

Once a woman notices that you are a sigma male, she will look at you with wide eyes and position her body in a way to get your attention.


The truth is, the sigma males are too smart and intelligent for most women to handle.

So, once they realize that they can’t match the sigma males’ smartness and perception, they will unconsciously be submissive.


But in the real sense, sigma males enjoy dating women that are self-reliant with a unique mindset.


Women that can have an intellectual conversation with the lone wolves and are willing to take risk for self-advancement.


Once a woman has these traits, sigma males will find her attractive.


#5. When She Pursues you

If you are a high value masculine man with a unique mindset, most women will know that you are a sigma male.


And they will always chase you because real sigma males are so rare. They will want to experience the mystery and elusiveness of the sigma male.

Every lone wolf is instinctively seen by girls as an extremely valuable man. About 99.9% of women find sigma males irresistible and want to be with them.

Unfortunately, you can’t say the same about the beta male. These men are always chasing women.

And the more the beta male chases a woman, the farther the woman goes away from him.


Does your woman think you are a sigma male? Kindly share your thoughts in the comment below.




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