Rewire Your Happiness Hormone By Following These Science Proven Hacks In 2023

Well, here’s your guide that will help you hack these happiness hormones and make room for some “hehe-haha” moments:
  • Dopamine hack

    If you lack motivation, then you can put the blame on dopamine. It is a lack of this hormone that causes procrastination, self-doubt, and even low enthusiasm. But you can only hack this hormone by rewarding yourself, because that’s the language it understands. So, what can you do to pump it up? Here’s a list:

– Celebrate even the smallest of your wins
– Have cheat days, as food plays a huge role in making you happy
– Indulge is self-care. Pamper yourself by going for a spa, movie, etc.

Some activities can induce happiness.
Oxytocin hack
  • If you lack intimacy, do not trust your partner, and are unable to establish a bond with your family, then it is a sign that your body is not producing enough oxytocin. Boost this hormone by doing these activities:

– Get a pet
– Indulge in your hobbies
– Play with kids
– Give a jadoo ki jhappi

  • Serotonin hack
  • In the absence of serotonin, loneliness and depression are experienced by a person. Also, if you feel that you have frequent mood swings, it’s all because of serotonin. Here’s what you can do to release serotonin:

    – Exercise
    – Dance
    – Meditate
    – Swim
    – Go for a run
    – Take a sunbath

    Exercising helps you hack your happiness hormones.
  • Endorphin hack

    Last but not the least, here’s what you can do to release endorphins:

    – Adopt Laughter Therapy
    – Exercise
    – Stretch your body
    – Meet your friends

    Doing all these activities will not just help you get rid of physical pain, but will also aid in mental and emotional detox.

Tada! Have you ever thought that doing even the simplest things can make such a huge difference? No, right? That’s why we decided to share this life-changing piece of advice!

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