Why Sigma Males Have a High Level of Self Awareness

Why Sigma Males Have a High Level of Self Awareness 


The fact that sigma males have a high level of self-awareness makes them outstanding in the manosphere. 


They consistently pay attention to their thoughts and monitor their self-concept. 


And because the sigma males are always aware of their current states, they always have a high level of self-awareness and strive towards becoming a better version of who they were yesterday. 


Even though the sigma males’ actions are not driven by money, they have a very unique belief about riches. 


They want to be wealthy, and they develop their mindset along this path. You can never see a sigma male secretly hating rich people. 


The lone wolves believe that unconsciously hating rich people in your mind could limit your ability to become wealthy in future. 


In a nutshell, the sigma males believe that whatever you so much resent in your mind will always go far away from you. 


Your success in life depends on how much you understand your self-concept. The more you know your self-concept, the higher your chances of success. 


Your self-concept is what you call yourself and the things you identify with. Unfortunately, the beta and Omega males don’t have self-awareness. 


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These people live their lives on autopilot and hope that things will fall in the proper perspective. 


And this explains why Beta and Omega males don’t change, except they go through a painful experience in life. 


For the smart Beta and Omega males, pain can make them become introspective and try to discover the monster within them. 


When Beta or Omega males undergo this painful experience, they will be on a journey to self-discovery. And some of them may even become a better version of themselves and possibly a sigma male. 


However, the high-level sigma males don’t wait for extreme pain before becoming a better version of themselves. 


The lone wolves are always in the process of change. Whenever they go through a challenging situation or hard times, they often look at the bright side of everything. 

Regardless of what happens, sigma males never see themselves as failure or unworthy of being successful. 


The lone wolves believe in the law of attraction, so they try to be positive in every situation. And that explains why they are always successful in almost all their endeavor. 


They believe that whatever you experience in life and how other people treat you depends on your self-concept. 


For instance, if you say that you are broke, you will continue to experience financial drought, irrespective of your earnings. 


But once you change your mindset and start seeing the positive parts of everything, you will start experiencing positivity. 


The sigma males believe that irrespective of what you are experiencing right now if you embrace the path of positivity, the situation will gradually turn in your favor. 


Although initially, it may seem like you are lying to yourself, with consistency, you will start experiencing positivity in every aspect of your life. 


The lone wolves believe that every man has divinity inside. And it’s the instruction you feed this divinity that manifests in your life. 


For instance, there’s no difference between a rich man and a poor man. 


While the rich man always believes that he’s rich and works tirelessly towards achieving riches. The poor man thinks that he’s poor, and he will be discouraged to put in the effort to achieve his goals. 


The truth is, nothing changes in the sigma males’ world unless they are aware of it. 


They carefully monitor all the voices in their heads (both the positive and negative), they weed out these negative thoughts and improve on the positive ones. 


The truth is reality is a mirror and always reflects on whatever your inner thoughts are. And you can’t change your reality without changing your thoughts. 


Now you understand why the sigma males life always seems to be very perfect. 


Sigma males believe that every man is like an actor playing different characters. 


And the character you decide to play can determine the direction of your life in the long run. 


The sigma males believe that every man is limitless. They can do and have anything. All they need is the right mindset. 


Do you think you are self-aware? Kindly share your thoughts in the comment below. 




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