Banana: 5 Health Facts You Should Know About Banana(2023)


Banana is the sun god’s favourite fruit
Banana is a tropical bounty. The best part is that it’s an anywhere, anytime food and let’s be real–it’s not messy to eat. It’s an inexpensive superfood and has a lot to offer. Not to forget that it’s gut friendly too. So, if you are constipated or have diarrhoea–don’t shy away from breaking into a banana. In short, a daily dose of one will take care of you when you are on the run.

A punch of nutrients
Fibre, B vitamins, potassium, magnesium, and folate–you just name it and banana is at your service. Not just that, it’s also a great source of prebiotics–which are aid in digestion, absorption, and detoxification in the colon.

It won’t make you fat or raise your blood sugar
High in calories, raises blood sugar levels, diabetics can’t eat them, so on and so forth! Do you know that eating a banana is way better than eating biscuits–which by the way have zero nutritional value?

In fact, diabetics can eat it along with some almonds so the fat in the nuts can control their sugar levels. So blaming natural foods for their carb content or completely eliminating them is as harmful as being sedentary. The truth is–eating a banana can lead to weight loss.

It’s a powerhouse for athletes
Choose a sport and this benevolent fruit will help you–especially when it comes to endurance and strength training. Athletes swear by it as they are well versed with its goodness. Basically, its fibre content has a low glycaemic index and helps release sugar slowly into the bloodstream and muscles–which keeps you energised all day long.

Calories who?
Here’s an eye-opener: one banana is just under 80 calories. Shocked? Fad diets don’t allow you to consume this beauty because of its calories and carbohydrate restrictions. But hey think of it as a great ape would, would you leave out certain macros to lose weight? That’s not a smart move ladies.

So, that was all about the goodness of bananas, but the question is how can you welcome this fruit in your life?

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