All You Need To Know About Dating A Taurus Man

If your guy’s birthday falls between April 20th and May 20th, you are dating a Taurus man. Trust me, men in Taurus zodiac signs are arguably the nicest guys to date.

He will always take care of you and make you feel like a queen. To put it differently, he will always go the extra mile to treat you nice.

Guys in Taurus still make old fashioned romantic gestures. They would send you flowers, take you on a candlelight dinner, count the stars with you, etc.

He’s very loyal, touchy, and always wants to be in control. A Taurus man is very practical and focused. He always delivers on his promise.

Similarly, he expects you to be true to your words. Whatever a Taurus does, has a routine. And would want to always keep to it.

Let me warn you about something. Dating a Taurus man means you are for him alone. Men in Taurus have zero tolerance for infidelity as they are jealous to a fault.

So, if you aren’t the loyal type, don’t start what you can’t finish. But once he trusts you, he’ll be very comfortable with you.

Lest I forget, Taurus men aren’t spontaneous and adventurous. They love following a routine in a relationship.

Any man in Taurus holds his belief tenaciously and wouldn’t change it for you. And once you try contradicting him on a topic, he would keep quiet.

Now you should know this before you start dating a Taurus man. He takes his time to choose a partner.

He may date you for a while before discussing the relationship future with you.

So, pressuring a Taurus man to take the relationship to the next level could make him end things with you abruptly.

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Dating A Taurus Man – How To Get His Attention

dating a taurus
romantic moment with a Taurus man

Getting Taurus men attention isn’t easy. They seldom move along with people, especially when it comes to relationships. However, below are some of the tips to get a Taurus man’s attention.

Be Patience And Earn His Trust

Like I mentioned earlier, you don’t rush things when dating a Taurus man. Trust me; he will be very loyal and give you all his attention.

But you have to take things gradually because it will take time for a Taurus to be comfortable with you. And once you earn his trust, you will have it forever.

A Taurus man may not tell you about his emotions. He would act on it right away. For instance, if a Taurus man doesn’t love you anymore, he wouldn’t express it in words. Instead, he will ignore you. He will neither pick your calls nor reply to your text messages again.

Most times, a Taurus may not be receptive during the early stage of your relationship. But once he’s comfortable with you, he tends to show you some of the best romantic gestures.

Talk About Your Success and Passion

If you plan on dating a Taurus man, you can get his attention by discussing your passion with him. It could be your past victories or the things you love doing.

Generally, men in Taurus are career-oriented and always want to complete every project they start. So, when you discuss your success and past victory, they tend to relate with you. It gives them the impression that you guys have a lot in common.

Even if you want to discuss, try to be very intelligent in your discussion. For instance, Taurus men love money. And you will be more attractive to them if you are current about the world economy.

When dating a Taurus man, don’t talk about your success too much. You may turn him off since he always wants to be the breadwinner of the family. He doesn’t want to be with a woman who is too independent. Once he senses such trait in you, he may start ignoring you.

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Let Him Be In Control

I don’t think there’s anything a Taurus man loves more than being in control. If you make him feel like he’s in control, trust me, he will love you uncontrollably. People will think that you have cast a love spell on him.

One of the ways to make a Taurus man be in control is to ask for his advice and guidance. Once you give him the impression that you rely on him to make decisions, he will be more comfortable around you. And it’s the easiest way to create a bond when dating a Taurus man.

Ask Him Out For A Conventional Date

Taurus men aren’t adventurous, and they like conventional dates. Don’t expect him to go on a trip skydiving with you, because he isn’t a risk-taker. But he would love to go for dinner with you, see a movie, etc.

Let me prepare your mind. He may not want to go on a conventional date with you without persuasion.

You need to push him; I know it may hurt your pride as a lady. But it’s only at the initial stage. Once he falls in love, he will start treating you like Queen Daenerys Targaryen ( A famous Game of Thrones Character).

Interestingly, the more you spend time with a Taurus man, the more he will love your company. Although some people think Taurus men are boring because they don’t talk much. But they are great listeners.

2 Ways To Blow A Taurus Man’s Mind

Most ladies may not agree with this. But sometimes you have to adjust your lifestyle to attract your dream man.

If you always dream of dating a Taurus man, here are the two things to blow his mind. Trust me; they work like magic…

Always Go For An Outdoor Trip With Him

It’s no secret that Taurus man loves outdoor activities. He always wants to engage in anything that will make him be in nature. It could be camping, hiking, or any other outdoor activity that’s less risky.

You can blow your his mind by scheduling a surprise hiking, camping, taking a bike ride, or picnic, he would appreciate you. In fact, he will start falling for you almost immediately.

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Take Him To A Live musical Performance

Taurus men love music, and when you take them to any music-related event, they will sing your praise for a long time. But you have to determine the bands that resonate more to your Taurus boyfriend and plan a show that meets such bands.

If you have the budget, it would be great to take him to a different city for the show. Don’t forget that Taurus men have a taste for expensive things.

But always remind yourself that whatever you spend is a worthy investment. You know why? Once he loves you completely, you will have so much to gain.

How To Maintain A Strong Relationship When Dating A Taurus

Many people may think that dating a Taurus man is complicated. In my opinion, if you understand him, he’s arguably the best guy to be with. I am not exaggerating. It’s a fact.

Here are some few tips for maintaining a healthy and strong relationship with a Taurus;

Always Make Him Feel In Control

If you are the over independent type, you can’t be with a Taurus man. I don’t want to seem negative, but if he can’t control the relationship, he will leave without saying goodbye.

Even though you don’t like being controlled, if you need a Taurus man in your life, you have to let him be in charge. It actually simple to do this, just let him know that you agree with him. It will give him the impression that he makes every decision, even though he isn’t.

Let me remind you about something. Being in control means he may also want to have control over the finances. He would want to tell you how to spend your money. Now I know this isn’t going to be easy.

So, I wouldn’t tell you to change your personality for anybody. If your Taurus boyfriend is pressuring you to do what you don’t like, try to have a heart to heart conversation with him.

And if things continue this way, the best thing to do is to call it a quit. After all, there are other zodiac signs which wouldn’t want you to change your personality for anything.

Stay Loyal To Him

I don’t know if I mentioned this earlier, Taurus men are very jealous. Cheating when dating a Taurus man isn’t a good idea. He would definitely not give you a second chance.

But once he knows that you are loyal, he will double his loyalty towards you. As a way of spicing up things with him, always tell him that he’s very awesome.

Let me remind you again. Infidelity isn’t an option when dating a Taurus man. It could ruin everything once he discovers. A Taurus man could end a relationship on a wedding day once he realizes that you cheat.

Always Send Him Romantic Text Messages Especially During The Day

Sending romantic text messages to a Taurus man always will draw him closer to you. It gives him the impression that you are passionately in love with him.

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Trust me, the more you send romantic text messages to a Taurus man, the more he feels loved. But moderation is cool. Don’t overdo it. Otherwise, he may not value the words anymore.

Let Him Know He Is Important In Your Life (Through Words and Actions)

Taurus men do more of internalizing their emotions than talking about it. Most times, he will ponder over some of the romantic things you say to him.

And if you let him know that he’s important in your life. It will give him the impression that he has been impacting your life significantly.

Always make your emotions clear when dating a Taurus man. If he starts doubting your loyalty and love for him, it isn’t a good omen for the relationship.

Don’t Be Too Dramatic and Unstable.

Taurus men love quiet and peaceful relationship. They are the conservative types who loves stability and avoid arguments at all cost.

But if you always like arguments, quarrel, and a party freak, you can’t be compatible with a Taurus man. He’s very rational and practical. Even if you want to argue with him, be reasonable about it, present your facts not the other way round.

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Notable Traits Of A Taurus Man

He Shows Feelings

A Taurus man will seldom tell you how he feels about you. Instead, he will show you in actions and kinds. Don’t expect a lengthy emotional talk or response to your romantic text messages when dating a Taurus man.

But he will show you how much you mean to him by sending flowers, gift, taking you out on candlelight dinner, etc.

Being in a relationship with Taurus men isn’t all rosy. When he’s angry, he tends to express his anger by shouting and acting annoyed. And he could be very stubborn and sometimes refuse to have a detailed conversation about a bone of contention.

He Likes To Be In Control

A Taurus man will always want to be in charge. He wants the feeling that he’s the one providing for you even if you can do that yourself. This explains the reason why most ladies will tell you they are the nicest guys to be with.

As a father, he wants to be involved in whatever is happening in the family. Also, they like being in charge of finance and want to oversee money related matters. But this shouldn’t be a course to worry about as Taurus men are very disciplined with money.

He Is Very Sensual

Taurus men know much about sensuality. So, they appreciate it when you look sweet and classy. He may not really tell you what he wants, but you can offer to give him a long massage, and if possible deep kiss.

He Loves Food

One thing about Taurus men you should know is that they love food. And they would enjoy the relationship if you cook him great meal always.

He Is Jealous

Every Taurus man is very jealous. Although he isn’t aggressive, all he needs is the assurance that he’s the one you adore. What a Taurus man needs in a relationship is stability and security, and if you can give him that, you have him to yourself.

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