12 Secret To Win Your Boyfriend Parents Heart In 2023

It’s always exciting when your guy asks you to meet his parents. Most times, it’s an indication that the relationship has a great future, except the guy’s intentions, aren’t real. But let me tell you this – meeting his parents for the first time is sometimes complicated.

Many relationships have ended because ladies create the wrong impression when meeting their guy’s family. Even though you aren’t marrying your boyfriend’s parents, they still have an input in the relationship, especially if you are dating a daddy or mummy’s, boy.

Your boyfriend already knows your personality. He knows your strength and weakness; he accepted you for who you are. There’s nothing terrible in blending with the situation in his parent’s house to create a good impression. After all, if you are in Rome, you behave like a Roman.

As I mentioned earlier, meeting his parents could be an indication that the relationship is leading to marriage. But it could also lead to the end of the relationship if his parents don’t like him.

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In this article, you will learn some tips that will guide you when meeting his parents for the first time.

How To Create Good Impression When Meeting His Parents For The First Time 

My lecturer in school once told me a story of how clumsiness made a lady (Carolina) lost a suitable suitor(Jordan). They were both passionately in love. No one thought they could live without each other.

But everything changed when the suitor (Jordan) decided to introduce Carolina to his parents. Just like every other lady, Carolina, was excited because she knew that her dream of being with Jordan forever was getting closer.

When Carolina got to her suitor’s parents’ house, she was very free. Interestingly, she decided to help Jordan’s mom in the kitchen. During the process, she mistakenly broke a million dollars antique tea set.

Jordan’s mom didn’t find this funny as she immediately told Jordan that Carolina is too clumsy. He tried to defend her, but his mother already had a wrong impression of her.

When they return from the visit, things were a little bit awkward between them. Meanwhile, Jordan’s parents were still pressurizing him to end his relationship with Carolina.

After a while, he yielded to pressure, and that was how the relationship ended.

I wouldn’t want you reading this article right now, to experience what Carolina went through. For this reason, I want you to pay close attention to the tips discussed here.

Below are some of the things to take note of when meeting his parents for the first time.

#1. Try Not To Bring Your Phone To The Dining Table

Meeting his parents for the first time

When you are meeting his parents for the first time, you must be as courteous as possible. It doesn’t look cool to be sending messages or pressing your phone while dining with your boyfriend’s parents, especially if you are meeting them for the first time.

You may be doing this innocently. But it will send a wrong impression about you to the boy’s parents.

It’s better not to bring your phone at all. Some ladies even make the mistake of hiding their phone under the table and pretend to be listening.

#2. Be Moderate In Your Display Of Affection

This is an area many ladies flop when meeting his parents for the first time. There’s nothing wrong with showing affection to your man before his parents. But be moderate about it. Try to respect them as well.

You can do the kissing and other romance gesture when alone. But when you are with his parents, try to be moderate about it. Seriously, it will create a terrible impression about you.

Don’t forget that meeting his parents for the first time is like an interview. And you need to be modest before them. Let me remind you, this isn’t pretense, but it’s a way of respecting your man’s parents’ personality.

#3. Don’t Try To Control The Conversation

Ladies don’t act as if you know if all when meeting his parents. I didn’t mean you should be boring. But listen more and talk less. It makes them value you, not the other way around.

Let me tell you something from personal experience. I still remember the first day my elder brother introduced a lady to my parents. All of us outrightly disliked her.

Do you know why? It’s because she was always interrupting my mom in the family conversation. She was basically answering all the questions for my big bro and controlling the conversation.

At times, when mom tried to tell a funny story about my bro as a little boy, the lady will interrupt. Trust me. This particular act pissed my mom off. She gave the impression that she knew my bro more than every other person.

It took my elder bro a while to be able to convince mom that Judith was a good girl. Imagine if my bro didn’t try to defend her before my mom, it could have been the end of the relationship.

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#4. Put Your Good Home Training To Practice

Some ladies don’t have manners. And they unconsciously display their mannerlessness when meeting their boyfriend’s parents for the first time. Sorry, I don’t want to sound insulting, but this is the reality.

My friend told me how his girlfriend messed up when meeting his parents for the first time. According to my friend (paul) story, he invited his new girlfriend home to meet his parents.

Out of excitement, his mother prepared a delicious meal for her and bought her gifts. After the family meal, my friend’s mother got up to clear the table; his girlfriend didn’t assist. She was busy playing games on her cell phone.

It didn’t end there. When she unwrapped the gift my friend’s mom bought for her, she left the wrapping paper on the floor and walked out of the room.

She expected paul’s mom to clean the mess. This was very rude and disrespectful. After she left, paul ended the relationship immediately.

I know ladies may have a different opinion about this. But it’s absolutely wrong to watch your guy’s mother clearing the table after a meal. Even if you ask you to leave them, insist.

#5. Try Not To Overstay Your Welcome

I always tell people that it’s good to leave the stage when the ovation is loud. Same applies when meeting your guy’s parents for the first time.

When you are with your guy’s parents always behave like a guest. Don’t be faster than your shadow and try to respect everybody’s opinion. In fact, if you don’t like their tradition, keep it to yourself.

By the time you start making your guy’s parent uncomfortable, you are overstaying your welcome. Try not to let that happen. Remain calm and try to spend only a few hours with them. Look for an excellent excuse to leave. Trust me, your guy’s parent will value you more when you seem scarce.

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#6. Don’t Bring Any Issue You have With Your Guy

Don’t allow your misunderstanding with your guy ruin your time with his parents. Whatever issue you have with him, don’t bring it along with you. I’m sure you wouldn’t want his parents to have the impression that you are weird.

If you know you are really angry with your man, it’s better not to visit his parents at all. Otherwise, your mood may affect the entire atmosphere.

No matter, don’t let it shows that you are angry with your guy. Imagine what his parents will think when you are ignoring and rude to him… They may not know what happened, but they will have the impression that you are rude.

#7. Don’t Drink Too Much Alcohol (If possible Don’t Drink At all)

Meeting his parents for the first time

It’s never a good idea to be drunk when meeting his parents for the first time. You will definitely mess things up.

I lady once told me her embarrassing experience when she met her guy’s parents. It was a New Year’s Eve, and she took too much alcohol before coming to see them.

According to her, she was already drunk when she got there. So, she started dancing uncontrollably and saying irrelevant things.

She eventually fell asleep after a while. When she woke up, her boyfriend told her what had happened the previous night. She was so embarrassed and left without saying goodbye.

#8. Stay Away From Controversial Topics

There are some sensitive topics you must never discuss when meeting your guy’s parents. Any topic that has to do with religion and politics stay away from them. They could start things off on a wrong footing for you.

Even if his parents’ political ideologies and religious belief differ from yours, try to respect it. For instance, if his parents are atheist, don’t try to urge them to accept Jesus Christ as their savior. It may make the entire conversation awkward.

Similarly, don’t discuss politics with them. I still remember how the girl I introduced to my parents was interrogating them about their political beliefs. She even went as far as convincing them to vote for a particular candidate. After she left, my father said that the lady was so disrespectful.

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#9. Don’t Lie To Impress Anybody.

Never fake what you are not. An iota of dishonesty will immediately raise a red flag on you. Be sincere in all your conversation. Don’t try to impress anybody with lies.

There’s nothing terrible with telling the truth. If there is anything you don’t know, say it, nobody will flog you.

#10. Always Respect The Family Rules

If you hope to become part of a family, learn to respect their rules. Disrespecting family rules will make your man’s parents question your characters.

I still remembered when my cousin brought a girlfriend home. She disrespected the family rules, and my cousin parents didn’t find it funny.

Let me tell you what happened…

My cousin’s parents are old-fashioned. When his girlfriend visited, they asked my cousin to share my room with me while his girlfriend sleeps alone in my cousin’s apartment.

Do you know that my cousin’s girlfriend was still sneaking into my room to sleep with my brother at night? There are times when she will get my cousin into her room. When my cousin’s parents knew they were very disappointed.

#11. Dress Modestly

You are meeting his parents for the first time. You aren’t going to a party. Dress decently, don’t wear skimpy clothes that barely cover your body. Don’t forget that you are addressed the way you are dressed.

#12. Don’t Be Late

Showing up late is the easiest way to create a negative impression about yourself. Try to get to his parents’ place early. Once you agreed on a particular time, try to get to their home a few minutes before the time.

Like I mentioned earlier, meeting his parents for the first time is a new phase of your relationship. Try to make yourself presentable and create an excellent first impression.

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