Types of Men: 7 Terrible Types of Guys To Avoid In A Relationship

Every lady craves for a fantastic relationship. I mean a relationship that’s so romantic and wonderful. But they are certain types of guys to avoid at all cost. Dating these guys could make your Relationship a nightmare.

 The truth is; you can’t eat your cake and have it. Some guys are not dateable. The only thing they can offer you in a relationship is pain and misery.

 Trust me; ladies are going through a lot in their relationships. It breaks my heart to see these unique creatures(ladies) maltreated by men.

 But I sometimes blame them. How can you be dating a mannerless and aggressive guy and you are still in the Relationship? ‘Dem swear for you’?

 How can you allow a man to treat you just because he’s rich? Or because of the size of his d*ck? Must you allow the wealth and sex affect your sense of reasoning?

 Why can’t you date an average guy who can take care of you? Must you drag your reputation as a woman to the gutter because of material things?

 I’m angry already. It hurts me when I hear stories of ladies being used for money rituals, being beaten or killed by their boyfriends.

 Do you know the funny thing about this whole stuff? You are seeing the signs that the person you are dating is terrible and heartless. But you allow yourself to become a victim of the statement “I’ll change”.

 I want every lady reading this to take a deep breath. Ask yourself this question “Does my man deserve me?

 As you reflect on the above question, remember that you deserve the best man. Here are the 7 terrible types of guys to avoid in a relationship.

7 Terrible Types Of Guys To Avoid In A Relationship

#1. The Gaslighter

terrible types of guys to avoid

 Gaslighters are one of the most terrible men to date. These types of men will manipulate you to the extent that you question your sanity.

 A gaslighter will always destroy your soul and mind with his abusive behavior. Men in this category are unrepentant liars and will always misdirect you. All he needs is to make you doubt yourself and question your sanity.

 #2. The ‘Obstinator’

annoying guys to avoid in a relationship
‘Obstinator’ never accepts anyone’s opinion

 The ‘Obstinator’ is among the types of guys to avoid. They never agree to the fact that they are wrong. Every ‘obstinator’ firmly adheres to their opinions.

 By all indications, an obstinate always wants to be in charge. He will never yield to an argument no matter how right your opinion seems.

 Interestingly,’ obstinators’ are always immune to facts. They will back up every argument with facts. But they don’t like being ignored.

 When you ignore your ‘obstinator’ boyfriend, he tends to be very aggressive. This is because they don’t like it when you bruise their ego.

 #3. The Philanderer

Types of guys to avoid

 The philanderers are chronic womanizers. They want to have sex with every lady out there. They don’t have a choice of lady, in as far you wear a skirt, they want to sleep with you.

 If you are dating a philanderer, always be alert because you may be another side chick. These types of men are very romantic, and that is their selling point.

 They will say the most beautiful and most romantic things to you. They can take you for a vacation in Paris to sleep with you.

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 How To Know If Your Man Is A Womanizer

 #1. A womanizer has a reputation for being a player. He may look beautiful from the outside, but he’s the perfect definition of a ‘Yoruba demon’. He will seem so innocent, but his reputation will always precede him.

Sometimes, your girlfriend may even warn you about him. If two or more your girlfriends advise you that he’s a player, then you have to reconsider the Relationship. He may promise that he will change. But we both know that a snake will always be a snake.

Once you discover that your boyfriend is a womanizer, the best action to take is to call it a quit. Trust me; it wouldn’t be nice to spend the rest of your life worrying about a freak.

 #2. He takes things very fast. The reason for this is because he wants to reach his goal (eat the cookies) as soon as possible.

Don’t be surprised that a man you meet a few days is already telling you are his dream comes true; he has been waiting for you. If he ever says things like this to you, please stay away from such guys. You are just another fling on his list.

#3. He’s just too romantic to a fault. Womanizers are the most passionate guys on earth. They will take you to somewhere nice for a romantic weekend, buy you expensive jewelry, and many other things.

 But you may think it’s a way to show his love. The real idea behind you is to take you to bed. And once he achieves that, you will see his true nature.

 #3. Most of the people calling him are ladies

 #4. He is too sweet to be true

 #4. The Personalizer

 Personalizers are terrible types of guys to avoid by all means. They are tough to deal with and always see themselves as victims of a chronic conspiracy.

In four words, every personalizer are jerks, sad, mad, and dim. Imagine how difficult it could be dating someone who always takes things personally.

 If you surprise them with romantic gestures, they tend to question the sincerity of your action. To a personalizer, nothing happens by accident. They believe that every move is as a result of people conniving to make life miserable for them.

 Let me tell you a story about a lady who was dating a personalizer. It was an April Fool’s day, and she wanted to surprise her boyfriend ( a personalizer of course). Unfortunately, she ended up surprising herself.

 She jokily sent a message to her fiance, telling him that she is ending the relationship. The guy took the whole prank personal and finally ended the relationship.

 Jane begged asked people to help her beg, but her fiance didn’t accept her back. He called off the proposal and ended the seven years relationship.

 Dating a personalizer is a mistake you should never make because he will walk away from you at the slightest opportunity.

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 #5. The Chronic Drunkard

 I sometimes call them ‘Drunkus Annoyingus’; they are among the types of guys to avoid. No matter how nice he seems, a drunkard will always subject you to emotional abuse when drunk.

 These types of men drink uncontrollably. And when drunk, they will start irritating you and making unnecessary noise. Sometimes, they can abuse you physically. Don’t give yourself the impression that they will change and allow them to hurt your feelings.

 #6. The Negative Ned

 Dating a Negative Ned is something you should avoid by all means. He will never see anything good in what you are doing. If you seem motivated and inspired, he will always discourage you with his negativism.

 The more you spend time with a Negative Ned, the more he drains you of your positive vibes. This is why they are among the types of guys to avoid.

 You can never satisfy a negative ned, and he’s a chronic complainer. There’s no way to please him. And the most annoying part of being with a negative ned is that he’s judgemental and always unhappy.

 #7. The Liars

 Liars aren’t dateable. It doesn’t matter if a man is nice and romantic, once you notice he’s a liar, stay away from him. There is no way a relationship with a liar will yield good result.

 You know why? The answer is simple, there is always an original version to every story he tells. The entire relationship could be a product of lie.


 When it comes to falling in love, you have to be very careful. It’s better to remain single than to be with the wrong man.

 It’s never good to rush into a relationship. Once a man asks you out, take your time to evaluate his way. And remember that they are certain types of guys to avoid. Let me give you their list at a glance;

  •  The gaslighter
  • The obstinator
  • Philanderer
  • Personalizer
  • Chronic Drunkard
  • Negative Ned
  • Liar

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