Do You Know That Most Nigerian Girls Have 4 Boyfriends? By Arc Lala

Do you know that most Nigerian girls have 4 boyfriends? Apologies to the ladies, but it’s the reality we find ourselves when dating a Nigerian lady. According to a Nigerian Lady; Arc Lala, girls in Nigeria have four boyfriends. They will have a boo, bestie, bighead, and Shugga Daddy.

Most Nigerian Girls Have These Four Boyfriends


Most Nigeria girls have a bestie. In fact, besties are serious distraction to relationship or marriage. Many healthy relationships have ended because of besties in the equation.

A Bestie is either a childhood friend or a high school boyfriend. Trust me, most Nigerian girls are more fond of this person than their real guy. In fact, they can share any secret with him and most times they can’t marry him. A bestie can be in a Nigerian girl’s room and she will come out of the shower naked.

When your girlfriend wants to prove to you that he can say without you for 6 months, she goes to bestie for attention and other things. Sadly, most Nigerian ladies usually cheat on their marriage or relationship with a bestie. In fact, ‘in Nigeria, bestie dey shift pant. Bestie cannot make heaven’.

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Boo is the official boyfriend. He’s the one they post their pictures on social media. Usually, he’s financially balanced and takes care of little needs. Every Nigeria lady is hoping that her Boo will propose and give palm-wine to her village people.

Sometimes, Boos is the beneficiary of Shuga daddy’s generosity. Boo will make heaven…


Bighead is the innocent guy who loves them and is ready to spend on them. Nigerian girls see this guy as ATM and will always like to tease him with some funny names like bighead and other names that will make him feel involved. But deep down he has no place in their head. In a nutshell, bighead is what Nigerian girls popularly called ‘Maga’.

But when bestie and boo disappoints, Bighead is always a last resort. The Bighead is also the one they ask to keep quiet when their phone rings and they never get to taste from the honey pot.

Interestingly, bighead never gets angry as he hopes that she might reciprocate his love someday. Surprisingly, most Nigerian girls will save bighead number as fool, idiot, mum, Gtbank, etc.

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Shuga Daddy

Most girls in Abuja have a shuga daddy. He’s the one they call Zaddy. He’s their financier uncle and the real maga. He takes them for trips to Dubai and Ghana. He is the one who calls her even at midnight and she will leave you with your konji.

Whenever Zaddy calls, she must answer as he pays for house rent, DSTV sub, school fees, Christmas shopping. When she has a police case or landlord harassment, the first person she calls is her Zaddy. And whenever she is with Zaddy, her phone is either on silent or airplane mode. Trust me, Shuga daddy can never make heaven.

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