A 60 Years Old Man Is Asking For My Hand in Marriage – Advice Me

Dear Love Doctor,

I met this man the day he came with his brother to drop off their child at the school where I was posted to serve for my NYSC.

I had offered to help them do their clearance so when they were leaving he asked for my contact and I gave him.


When he got home, he called and we started talking. According to him, he resided in the States and had visited for a few projects he had here and there. We talked at length and got to know each other a little bit more and finally ended the call with him asking to know my place which I didn’t have any problem with.

Before I could say Jack, this man summoned his people and they went to meet my people to make their marriage intentions known. He even asked for the marriage list on his first visit and my Mom said she needed to inform my uncle.

I was alarmed to say the least.

What in the name of God was that?

A week later, he prepared o visit the second time which I advised him against.

I’m sorry this is getting lengthy but I have to share details so you can advise me better.

I’ll be 30 in October and this man in question is 60 years old and has never been married, has no kids either. He is a business man who sells used cars and is a nurse by profession.


I don’t know if I should accept this man, it’s been 3 months since he went to my place and he’s still keeping in touch, always reminding me that he’s very much interested to marry me.

I’m the first daughter and my mom has been down with partial stroke since 3 years now. My father left us so life has practically been tough for me and my siblings.


This is the only man that is serious about marrying me in my entire 30 years of existence.

Please, advise me on what to do.



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