7 Hurtful Words You Should Avoid In 2023


1. “You’re Overreacting”

Toxic partners often use this phrase to dismiss your feelings and make you question your own reality. If you confront them about something hurtful they’ve said or done, they’ll claim you’re just being too sensitive or blowing things out of proportion.

This insidious gaslighting technique is designed to gradually erode your confidence in your own emotional responses. You’ll start second-guessing whether you’re right to feel upset by their actions. Over time, you can become conditioned to accept increasingly toxic behavior without objection.

2. “You Made Me Do It”

Abusive partners refuse to take responsibility for their words and actions. When confronted, they’ll claim you “made them” behave inappropriately, shifting blame and accountability.

This form of emotional blackmail plants seeds of self-doubt. You’ll find yourself constantly trying to avoid triggering their anger and manipulation, even when you’ve done nothing wrong. Over time, you can become trapped in a dysfunctional cycle of walking on eggshells.

3. “No One Else Would Put Up With You”

Insulting your value and desirability is a classic tactic used to damage confidence and breed insecurity. Toxic partners want you to feel you’re lucky they care about you at all, even if the relationship is destructive.

This undermines your motivation to leave by making you feel unlovable. It also keeps you clinging to someone who doesn’t treat you with the care you deserve from a real partner. Remember, you have value that reaches far beyond this one person’s limitations.

4. “It Was Just a Joke”

Sometimes verbal abuse is disguised as “humor” to provide plausible deniability if you protest. When challenged, these venomous people will insist, “It was just a joke,” and accuse you of being unable to take a joke.

In healthy relationships, both partners consider each other’s feelings and avoid mean-spirited teasing. Question any “jokes” meant to humiliate or demean you – real humor should never come at someone else’s expense. You deserve to feel safe, respected, and cared for.

5. “I’m The Only One Who Understands You”

Toxic partners present themselves as the only ones capable of accepting or understanding you. This discourages you from seeking outside support from friends or family.

By convincing you that others don’t care, they isolate you emotionally. This separation makes it harder to gain perspective since they become your sole source of feedback. Remind yourself that your worth isn’t defined by this one person’s limitations. There are many people who appreciate and support you.

6. “You’re Just Like Your Mother/Father”

Criticizing you by comparing you to a parent they know you have issues with is a low blow. Not only is it inaccurate, but it presses on your deepest insecurities.

A caring partner would never exploit vulnerabilities based on your painful history with a parent. Note when your partner uses your unresolved wounds against you rather than Handle conflicts respectfully. Their willingness to fight dirty reveals their poor character.

7. “You’ll Regret Leaving Me”

Threats about what will happen if you consider ending the relationship are fear-based control tactics. They want you to feel you can’t safely walk away.

Remind yourself that everyone deserves to remove themselves from harmful situations. While the unknown future may seem scary, nothing is scarier than remaining trapped with someone toxic. Have faith in your strength and know you have the power to create the life you want.

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