10 Healthy Ways To Treat Your Child Or Teen Dry Eyes In 2023

1. Avoid smoke and other things that irritate the eyes.

2. Ensure your child wears sunglasses that wrap around the sides of the head. Try to use caps or umbrellas as these can protect the eyes from sun, wind, dust, and dirt.

3. Place a humidifier by your child’s bed or close to your child. Always follow the directions for cleaning the machine.

4. Do not use fans while your child sleeps.

5. If your child usually wears contact lenses, have your child use rewetting drops or wear glasses until the eyes feel better.

6. Be safe with medicines. Ensure that your child takes medicines exactly as prescribed. Call your ophthalmologist if you think your child is having a problem with a medicine.

7. Have your child use artificial tears at least 4 times a day.

8. If your child needs drops more than 4 times a day, use artificial tears without preservatives. They may irritate the eyes less.

9. If your child wears contact lenses, supply him or her with rewetting drops.

10. Put a warm, moist cloth on your child’s eyelids every morning for about 5 minutes. Then massage the eyelids lightly. This helps to increase the natural wetness of the eyes.

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