10 Fun Games To Play With Your Girlfriend To Make Your Next Date Legendary(2023)

Date night is supposed to be special, but sometimes you get stuck in a routine rut.

Switch things up and make date night fun again with these 10 games that are sure to create laughter, conversation, connection, and memories you’ll treasure forever.

Get ready for some playful competition, spicy questions, and lots of smiles and kisses!

Fun Games to Play with Your Girlfriend

1. Charades

Take turns silently acting out movies, books, songs, celebrities, and more without speaking or making any sounds. Try using creative gestures and facial expressions to get your partner to correctly guess what you’re performing. See who can act out the most obscure references!

Charades bring out your silly, theatrical sides as you mime and ham it up. It’s a lively game that gets everyone laughing.

2. Two Truths and a Lie

Making each other guess which of three statements is a lie, Two truth and a Lie reveals surprising facts and creates intimate conversation as you take turns sharing three statements about yourself, making one a complete lie. Try to stump your partner! It’s a great way to spark conversation and learn new or unexpected things about each other as you explain the truths and lies.

3. Scavenger Hunt

Scavenger hunts build excitement as you race to solve clues leading to hidden surprises around your home. Get creative with clues that will lead your partner to funny items or places you’ve hidden! See who can sleuth out all the surprises first. Scavenger hunts build anticipation and competition as you dash around looking for clues. Writing the clues also lets you showcase your creativity.

4. Paper Airplane Contest

Channeling your competitive spirits, a paper airplane contest tests your aerodynamic folding skills and aiming accuracy as you make planes together and compete to see whose flies the farthest or most accurately. Add challenges like flying through hoops! It brings out your crafty sides as you fold and fuels friendly rivalry as you test designs.

5. Hot Seat

Sitting in the “hot seat” and answering spontaneous questions, you’ll learn new things about each other with Hot seat revealing prompts. Take turns being questioned and see who can stump their partner! Get creative with your questions. Hot Seat opens you up to vulnerability and intimacy through unexpected questions that require quick, honest responses.

6. Board Games

Chatting while competing, classic board games like Monopoly, Scrabble, and Trivial Pursuit are engaging bonding fun. Dig out those old board games, and enjoy teasing each other while playing. Feel your competitive sides come out! Interactive games give great opportunities for conversation and collaboration despite the competition.

7. Mini Golf

Promoting friendly rivalry in the fresh air, mini golf gets you outdoors while you flirt and focus on beating each other’s scores. Head to a course and enjoy a relaxed competition. Mini golf is active fun with plenty of room for goofing around. The fresh air and laughter make for an uplifting date!

8. Karaoke

You can let loose with karaoke by belting out songs, whether you have pipes of gold or voices of tin. Perform duets or solo songs! Who cares if you’re off-key when you’re just being goofy and having fun? Karaoke is about being silly and vulnerable. The performance builds connection.

9. Cooking Together

The kitchen provides tasty bonding time when you whip up meals or sweet treats together. Try new recipes or bake cookies and see who can decorate them most elaborately. Preparing food as a couple makes for quality time with delicious results.

10. Backyard Camping Games

Pitch a tent in your backyard for an easy outdoorsy adventure without leaving home. Pretend you’re explorers, cuddle in sleeping bags, and cook s’mores at a mini campfire. You can set up games like corn hole, badminton, or darts to add to the outdoor fun.

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