10 Sweet Poems To Win The Heart Of Your Crush(2023)

Declaring your feelings can be daunting, but these romantic poems make it easier.

Ranging from lighthearted to serious, these carefully chosen words will help you express your emotions in a genuine way.

Your crush will feel special and appreciated.

Ready to try your hand at winning their heart?

10 Love Poems for Your Crush to Win Their Heart

1. Enamored From Afar

I see you across the room, time stands still

You make my heart race, give me chills

I wish I could share how you make me feel

But my words get trapped, the courage to reveal

In my mind, I imagine us together

Laughing, talking, in any weather

How I’d love to get closer, for you to see

The depths of my affection, you’re everything to me

I long to share this secret I hold

To be bold and let my feelings unfold

But I lose my nerve when you come around

My confidence flees, cannot be found

For now, I keep my thoughts to myself

Hoping fate leads us somewhere else

A place and time I can finally share

My feelings for you, how much I care

2. I Wish I Could Tell You

Your voice makes me shiver

Your laugh makes me glow

Being around you is magic

But you don’t even know

My heart beats for you

In a rhythm so true

I wish I could tell you

How much I adore you

3. Feelings Unspoken

My feelings trap words in my heart

I rehearse confessions I’ll never impart

Longing to share this secret within

But unsure if you feel the magic begin

4. Daydreams

Sitting here, thoughts of you flood my mind

I imagine your smile, your laugh so kind

What would it be like if you were mine?

My heart flutters at the daydream I find

When you’re nearby but surrounded by others

You’re the only one my eye discovers

Longing to talk and learn more

Wishing to be closer than friends for sure

I rehearse things I’d love to say

But the words get lost along the way

This secret crush I hope to reveal

But my courage tends to fail when I feel

All these words trapped inside my heart

I wish I could tell you or know where to start

For now, I’ll keep you as my secret muse

And hope that someday you’ll discover my ruse

5. You

I watch you from across the room, sunlight in your smile

Your laughter rings out, soothing like a gentle tide

What stories and dreams swirl within you, I long to know

Your eyes twin forests, deep and verdant, where I go

To wander daily in my mind, following imagined trails

That lead to whispered conversations, details unveiled

With patience and care, like a bird watcher still and quiet

Hoping for a feathered glimpse, though shy, not to fright

You glide by, breeze ruffling your hair, oblivious to me

Lost in your world of melody and colors I cannot see

I memorize each gesture, tuck them away with my affection

Hoping that someday, I’ll find in myself the courage to mention

How your existence is a gift, one I unwrap each day

As I wait for our paths to cross in some destined way

Where I can share the deep secret of my admiration

And finally breathe easy, no longer in silent frustration

6. My Heart’s Desire

Whene’er I see your smiling face appear,

A warmth grows in me, banishing all fear,

Your melodic laugh makes time itself stand still,

While joy within my longing heart doth fill,

For your kind eyes make all the world shine bright,

Chasing away shadows with their light,

And your sweet voice sets my spirit soaring,

Each word a treasure I find myself storing,

If you could know the hold you have on me,

Then we could share life’s charm so merrily,

For my heart’s fondest wish would be to give,

And by your side, my darling, always live.

So I shall keep this candle lit above,

To you, sweet one, my true and timeless love.

7. A Love Limerick

My heart’s desire who makes my heart bloom

With your wit and style, you make me swoon

How I so wish that you were mine

And we could share laughter and wine

Together we’d make such a great tune

8. Your Light

your way of seeing

the good in each moment

of not ignoring

life’s little joys

you have shown them

to me and I am only

reflecting back

how your outlook

brightens my days

and serves as my

beacon, my light

9. Ode to My Heart’s Desire

Oh, muse who makes each moment shine,
Your voice inspires this ode of mine,

How I cherish your wit so fine,

And the joy that lights your eyes that shine,

Your laughter lifts my heart up high,

Putting wings of hope on someone so shy,

If you could know the spell you cast,

Then we could make sweet joy last,

For your smile’s glow takes my breath away,
And your kind charm helps brighten my day,

My heart sings your sweet name with glee,

Oh, won’t you, my dear one, notice me?

For my spirit soars when you are near,

Come ease my longing, and hold me dear.

10. The Symphony of You

In the symphony of life

your laughter is the melody

that makes my heart sing.

In the painting of each moment
your smile is a burst of color

that makes the image shine.

In the story of my days

your words are the poetry

that gives it meaning.

If you could see yourself

through my awestruck eyes,

you would know the joy you bring

simply by being you.

You brighten my world

with your magic –

a power you wield


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