Winter: Know The Foods You Should Avoid During Winter(2023)

Foods You Should Avoid During Winter

You may feel tempted to have a few dishes but avoiding them will let you have a better winter experience. Karishma Chawla, nutritionist, and lifestyle educator says, “Avoiding any real food or cold foods completely depends on your body’s immune system. Hence there is no reason to restrict any kind of food intake. Though the cold weather may give us reasons to indulge in hot, spicy and grounding foods, this doesn’t give us a free ticket to indulge in unreal or fried, junk and sugary foods.”

Diwan, suggests that it is better to reduce milk intake in winters because it causes phlegm cough and may thicken the phlegm already present in the body. “This can make you more uncomfortable and can increase the irritation in the throat. Then fried food is a source of trans fats and adds up to the total calorie consumption,” he says.

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