Why Women Can’t Hurt Sigma Males

The sigma males are unique in every sense. From the way they handle their emotions to how they manage their relationships, it’s almost impossible for women to hurt the sigma males. 


The lone wolves are not like Beta and Omega males who put all their hope and invest their time in a woman. 


Some even go as far as building their life around a woman. And once that woman leaves them, they will lose focus and be heartbroken.


Don’t get this wrong. Sigma males are not psychos or saddists, but they don’t have the luxury of time to spend on women. 


Instead of investing so much time and effort in a woman, the sigma male would rather do something more productive with his time. 


The sigma males understand the fact that falling in love and being with a woman is part of nature. You can’t change it. 


In this article, you will learn why women can’t hurt the sigma males. 


#1. Sigma Males Always Provide Direction in a Relationship 

The fact that sigma males always provide direction or leadership roles in a relationship makes it difficult for women to hurt them. 


If you understand women psychology well enough, you will realize that leadership is one of the most important traits they look for in a man. 


Most times, a woman will reject a super rich dude for an average guy who she thinks is going to be the best leader and protector for her. 


However, toxic women can’t date sigma males. Once these women spend a few times with the lone wolf, they will realize that he is a hard nut to crack. 


The sigma males are blunt and say things the way they are. Even if you are the lone wolf’s girlfriend, he will immediately address you once you act contrary to his moral conduct or principle. 


Toxic women don’t accept men’s leadership and that is why they can’t even date or spend time with the sigma males. 

When these toxic women date low value men, they reject their leadership. In fact, these women may become the leaders in the relationships. 


They determine the flow of things, the atmosphere in the relationship, and the mood. And that is why low value men like Beta and Omega males always go through emotional pains and heartbreak. 


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#2. They are Committed to Their Purpose Rather than Relationship

The sigma males prioritize their goals and life purpose over women. They believe that real success is achieving your life purpose and dream. 


No right thinking woman would stay with a man without a purpose or dream. They will always leave such a man for a more serious minded and focused man. 


Furthermore, once you show too much commitment to a woman, she could throw you off your game at any point. 


This is why sigma males would rather be committed to their purpose than to a relationship. 


Focusing on your purpose and dream helps you to be in control of your life. It helps you to make minutes out of seconds and years out of days. 


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