How Sigma Males Spot a Promiscuous Woman

Loyalty is one thing the sigma males value so much in a woman. The lone wolves hardly go into a relationship, but when they decide to be serious with a lady, they expect her to be 100% loyal. 


Promiscuity is one thing the sigma males can tolerate. They are not possessive, but they expect their woman to be loyal and committed. 


The sigma males’ ability to spot a promiscuous woman always places them at an advantage; and prevents them from spending their precious time and effort on a woman who isn’t worth it.  


It’s quite unfortunate that there are several men who are clueless in the dark world of relationships. 


They spend their time, effort, and resources on women only to be laid by some random dude these women are meeting for the first time. 


There are no two ways about it, a woman who sleeps around is never a good investment. 


I know modern society’s culture may want to prove otherwise. But the sigma males believe that past sexual experience sometimes affect future relationships for the worst. 


So, in today’s video, we will look at some red flags the sigma males use to spot a promiscuous woman. 


You may think this article is judgmental. But the sigma males always look out for their own interest. 


And to protect their interest, the lone wolves discern the character of those closest to them. 


From her lifestyle to having too many male friends, here are some of the red flags the sigma males use to spot a promiscuous woman. 


#1. Woman that Loves Partying Alot  


Women that party can’t enjoy a quiet night at home alone. They always need excitement and want to have fun. 


Once a sigma male notices this attitude in a woman, he knows that she is a promiscuous woman. 

These women may seem fun and interesting when you meet them for the first time. But the truth is, their lifestyle gets old faster. 


The sigma males want stability, once they decide to have a relationship. And they can’t get it from a fun addicted woman. 


Any woman who can’t stay in her house at night has a need for excitement. Unfortunately, this woman’s need will bite you if you decide to date her. 


When the sigma male decides to settle down, he prefers to be with a calm and creative woman who prefers reading, watching TV, and meditating to going to the party. 


#2. Women who Have Too Many Male Friends 


To a sigma male, women with too many male friends tend to be promiscuous. 


Don’t get me wrong; there’s nothing bad with a woman having a conversation with a man. 


Sigma males won’t make a big deal out of it. Their women can have a conversation with whoever they want. 


But having too many male friends is what they can’t tolerate. The sigma male finds it disrespectful and irritating when their women have close relationships with other men and discuss personal issues with them. 


These types of relationships can lead to divided loyalty on the side of the woman. 


So, women with so many male friends are bad news and the sigma males always avoid them by all means necessary. 



#3. Women Who are Man Hater 

Women who are man haters can’t be loyal to any relationship. They constantly test men to see if they are man enough. 


They are never satisfied with one man, regardless of how well you treat them. 


You will hear them making all sorts of derogatory comments against men. 


You will hear them say all men are blah blah blah, men are only interested in blah blah blah, etc. 


I know some guys are really terrible when it comes to relationships. But if every guy a woman meets is bad, don’t you think we should take a closer look at the common denominator?

Sigma males believe that when women always complain about the men in their life, it’s either they are still bitter about their failed relationship or they present themselves as an object of lust to men. 


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#4. Women Who are Addicted to Social Media 

The sigma males believe that women who are addicted to social media are likely to be promiscuous. 


These women crave attention and drama. They have online versions of many male friends. They are always online chatting with every Tom, Dick, and Harry. 


These women believe that the number of friends and likes she gets is directly proportional to how attractive she is. 


In a nutshell, once a sigma male observes that a woman is so glued to her phone and addicted to social media that she gives her man little or no attention, it’s obvious that she’s promiscuous. 

#5. She Takes an Interest in Promiscuous Celebrities.  

Sigma males are always careful of women who have interest in promiscuous celebrities. 


These women are prone to promiscuity because they won’t see having multiple male partners as a big deal. 


So, once a sigma male observes a woman and realises that her friends and role-models are promiscuous, he immediately knows that she’s prone to promiscuity. 


Do you know how to spot a promiscuous woman? Kindly share your thoughts in the comment below. 


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