My Brother’s Fiancee is Lucifer’s Daughter – Help

Dear Love Doctor,

I’m the last born child of my family.

My parents have been separated since I was a baby and since then it has been my mom taking care of us.

In 2016, we lost our first born and  last year, we lost our mom to the cold hands of death.

My brother has been dating this girl since I can remember. Probably four years now. I have met her a couple of times and I can say with certainty that she doesn’t like me nor my guts.

It is mutual. I don’t like her very much but I accepted her because of how much my brother adores her.

Funny enough, my brother tells her about me a whole lot, even personal issues.

I find it embarrassing that she knows even some details that should only be for family.


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Another thing is, this girl has no respect. She knows my brother loves her, hence she uses it to her advantage.

She has succeeded in keeping me and my brother at loggerheads because of some disagreement we had that she made a mountain out of.

Honestly, I want them to split up.

If she ends up with my brother, she’ll create enmity between us all and that will be very bad.

What should I do, Sir?

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