I’m Calling It Off My Fiance’s Culture Is Too Barbaric

Dear Love Doctor,

Please, I need Advice about something.

I have been dating for the past four years and I recently enquired about his culture since he isn’t Nigerian. He is from Benin Republic.

And the cultural differences are bound to exist.

He started off with how women doesn’t have any right over their children according to his culture because the man was superior in that aspect.

The man will be the one responsible for how the children to live their lives, the character they must exhibit and the choices they make in terms of marriage, career and other crucial choices to be made in their lives no matter their age, else they won’t live long.


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I’m a Yoruba from Oyo State pricesly and I wouldn’t want to get involved with someone and end up making my unborn kids miserable and opposed to the functional, successful, responsible healthy individuals I intend to raise for the society.

Please, is there any way I can go around this culture or get around it since we’re already talking marriage?

Can I in any way get him to think different from their culture?

Asides this culture which is critical, he is everything I want in a man and I wouldn’t want to lose him and our beautiful relationship to what he had described as their culture.

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