My Husband Is Angry Because I sent My Picture to An Admirer

Dear Love Doctor,

Good day, Sir.

Please I need your advice on an issue that is threatening to wreck my home.

My birthday is coming up in a few days time and a Male friend requested for my picture to post on the day given that I do the same for him and I sent some to him.


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When my hubby found out he didn’t say anything but I observed that he wasn’t happy about it.

It’s been three weeks now and he has been giving me silent treatment.

He went as far as refusing to celebrate me as he had planned.

I have apologized and he hasn’t said anything yet.

I’m so confused.

What wrong is in sending a picture to a male friend?

Truth is he was once my admirer but he respects that I’m now married, that can’t possibly be a problem can it?

Please, what can I do?

How can I remedy this situation. Our marriage is barely a year old.

Please, help!


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