I’m a Graduate And My Husband Don’t Want Me To Work

Dear Love Doctor,

I have been married for four years.

A year after our marriage, we had our first child.

Before our wedding, I and my husband decided that I’ll be allowed to work once our baby is old enough to attend day Care.

Now, our baby is 3 years old and has started schooling but he has refused to let me work. We’ve had countless arguments about this and it always ends with him saying women who work are not always submissive.

Sincerely speaking, I cannot be a full house wife. I am educated and cannot sit at home all day waiting for school dismissal to go pick up my baby and then wait for the close of work in order to receive my husband.


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He doesn’t provide all my needs — he can’t even do that. He does his best to provide for our feeding but it’s not enough because I can’t afford the things I want and I can’t bill him off his paltry earnings.

As it stands, he has changed towards me.

He doesn’t pamper me as he used to or even show affection.

Sometimes, he’ll reject my food and go out to eat. I’ve tried talking about it but he’s giving me cold attitude.

Please, what can I do?

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